Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

Statement of the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan on the Bilateral Security Agreement between the American imperialists and the Puppet Regime:

Bilateral Security Agreement and the Imposition of a Prolonged and broad Resistance on the People of Afghanistan

On November 21, 2013 the puppet regime convened its fourth sham Loya Jirga. The first Emergency Loya Jirga was held to endorse the imperialist invasion and subsequent occupation of Afghanistan and the enslaving decisions of the gathering of the national traitors in Bonn held under the plumage of the invading imperialists for approving the puppet regime of Hamid Karzai. The second Loya Jirga was held to ratify the colonial constitution; the third Loya Jirga was held to approve the Strategic Agreement between the American imperialists and its satraps. The issue for the current and fourth Loya Jirga, then, is the signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement which will grant strategic military bases to the American occupiers and its imperialist allies in Afghanistan. Formally, the imperialist occupation and the colonial condition of the country will be prolonged for many years to come.
Thus, the regime that in the eleven years of its shameful existence has held two fraudulent general presidential and parliamentary elections, and has upholding the feudal institution of Loya Jirgas four times, has served the objectives of the imperialist occupiers––all of these elections and Loya Jirgas have been orchestrated to nurture the puppet regime. Hence, the country's condition is colonial and semi-feudal. Colonial in the sense that the fate of Afghanistan and its people is ultimately determined by the imperialist occupiers. Semi-feudal in the sense that the reactionary ruling classes forming the puppet regime possess both feudal and bourgeois comprador characteristics in a proportion similar to the ratio between the Loya Jirgas and the sham elections.
In fact, since the inception of the disgraceful puppet regime, Loya Jirgas, and not the fraudulent and sham elections, have been the real source of decision making. Now the occupying imperialists, through their imported feudal and bourgeois comprador democracy, are holding a Loya Jirga to earn legality and legitimacy for their occupation under the name of the people of Afghanistan. However, our people clearly understand that the overwhelming majority of the participants of the Loya Jirga have been carefully selected by the occupiers and the upper brass of the puppet regime, bought with hundreds of millions of dollars, to approve and ratify the continued existence of the occupying forces and consequently ensure this regime's survival and continuation. Therefore, we cannot call the decisions of such a gathering the expression of the free will of the people of Afghanistan.
Additionally, this Loya Jirga is intended to formalize the conditions that have been in existence for the past eleven years with the explicit agreement of the puppet regime––conditions that are this regime's source of vitality. Although the legal immunity of the occupying forces has been, without exception, an informal fact since the beginning of the invasion and occupation, in the past year the puppet regime has only now made this an issue of contention so as to cast itself as independent and nationalist The puppet regime's fictitious independence, and its opposition to the killings of civilians and intractable military operations, is nothing new. But such exhibitions have never stopped the murder of civilians, nor have they curtailed the reckless military operations of the occupying forces.
The reality, despite all phony political shows, is the presence of the occupying forces and the colonial condition of the country under occupation. Such a condition can take various forms and configurations, as well as different levels of intensity; no cunning, deception or masquerades can remove its objective and subjective effects.
Right now a legal opposition to the granting of legal immunity to the occupying forces has been constructed; it will be brought to the Loya Jirga so as to play a “democratic” role. The participants of this so-called opposition have divergent incentives. The objections of some of members of this opposition are intended as a bargaining chip for gaining a better colonial agreement. Others oppose the agreement simply because they are afraid of being targeted by the armed opposition; otherwise they do not have any disagreement. Others are those who are consciously playing the role of opposition in order to complete the political drama. Then there is a fourth section of this legal opposition that consists of those who are under the delusion that if they oppose the legal immunity for the occupying forces they will perform their patriotic and national duty––only these participants of the Loya Jirga can be addressed so as to challenge their delusions and convince them not to commit national treason with good intentions.
The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan proclaims that it is fundamentally against any security pact with the American imperialist and other imperialist powers, just as it is against the continued presence of the occupying forces in the country. We believe that signing any security agreement with the American imperialists and other imperialist powers, and agreeing to the continued presence of the occupying powers at whatever level and for whatever duration is to also agree with the occupation and colonial condition of the country––it is nothing other than national treason.
We proclaim that the current Loya Jirga, put together by the occupying imperialists and their satraps, has no normative basis for being the representative of the people of Afghanistan; it is only a gathering for executing another national treason, following previous national treasons, particularly the treason of the consultative Loya Jirga on the strategic agreement with the American imperialists.
We proclaim that the security agreement between the American imperialists and the puppet regime, that would result in the continuing presence of American strategic military bases in the country, imposes a prolonged and comprehensive resistance on the people of Afghanistan based upon the revolutionary and peoples national armed resistance and for the purpose of forcefully throwing out the occupiers and bringing down the puppet regime.
Down with the occupying imperialists and their puppet regime!
Advance towards launching and carrying forward a prolonged revolutionary and national people’s war of resistance!
Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
November 21, 20

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