Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In cause of the celebrations on the 45. anniversary of the Founding of the New Peoples Army (NPA), Philippines, we hail all Comrades and Martyrs which gave their lives for the Philipine Revolution, which is a important part of the Proletarian World Revolution! 

On 29. of March we celebrate the 45. anniversary of the funding of the New Peoples Army by 60 red fighters in the year of 1969. The NPA  today is the biggest Army that was ever formed in the great history of struggle of Philippinian People. All reactionary puppets in past and present goverments and its foreign masters always tried to weak and smash the NPA. But they all fail - the NPA grows and today it is on one of the highest points of its development since its founding. It also was not smashed by the Special Troops of Marcos or other open fascist attacks. The reactionaries never was able to beat the NPA because the NPA is a true Peoples Amry under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, which is guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the universal and scientific ideology of the proletariat. In the history of NPA we know a number of big victories, that was able to claim because the NPA has the support of the peoples masses, which makes clear a important principle that was explained by Chairman Mao: "If there is no Peoples Army, there is nothing for the People!".

We know that the NPA will continue to serve the people and to continue the struggle for new democratic revolution under the leadership of its Party against imperialism, feudalism and burocratic capitalsm. On that way the NPA struggles in the storm center of the proletarian world revolution, why its struggle has also a special huge international meanig. Especially South/East Asia today is a focus point of the main contradictions in the world.

Our Organisation for the reconstruction of the Communist Party in Austria [the (maoist) Communist Party - Funding Committees] is just on the beginning of its development. On the issue of peoples war we actually are here in Austria, in an imperialist country, in a strategic defensive, what means, that our main tasks on this question today are in preparations for the peoples war. The NPA is a important inspiration for us, we will try to learn more from it and take it also as our duty, to popularize the NPA, CPP, NDFP and the New Democratic Revolution in the Philippines more than in the past. We pledge, that we will try to mobilize progressive People in Austria for the issue of the 45. anniversary of NPA-Founding that they lern to know better the struggle of your Party, the Front and the Army - which is the glorious New Peoples Army in the Philippines.

Raise the Red Banner in comemmoration of the Comrades and Martyrs which gave their lives for the Revolution!

Long Live the NPA and its leading Party, the CPP!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the guiding Ideology of the Proletariat!

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