Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Information Bureau Communist Party of the Philippines

At high noon on 29 March 2014, NPA commands and units of the people’s militia will give a 21-gun salute to honor all fallen Red commanders and fighters of the NPA, and heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution.
Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
17 March 2014

21-gun salute for all heroes of the NPA and the people’s democratic revolution

On the occasion of the 45-year milestone of the New People’s Army (NPA), let us give the highest honors to all fallen Red commanders and fighters of the NPA and heroes and martyrs of the Filipino people’s national democratic revolution.
Let us pay tribute as well to all the eminent proletarian revolutionaries who have persisted in four decades of arduous struggle and who continue to help lead and guide the people’s democratic revolution as it set its sights on the next higher phase of the people’s war.
It is with their sacrifices and selflessness that the Filipino people have achieved great victories in waging their national democratic revolutionary struggle. Let us recall and have their names etched forever in the Filipino people’s granite wall memorial which we shall erect at the moment of complete victory of the people’s democratic revolution.
Let us make use of the upcoming 45th anniversary of the NPA’s establishment to celebrate the people’s victories in waging revolutionary armed struggle, carrying out agrarian revolution to smash land monopolies and improve the conditions of the peasant masses, and building the organs of the people’s democratic government from the ground up. Let us prepare to wage bigger struggles as we set our sights to achieving greater victories in the coming years.
Let us also celebrate the outstanding victories in democratic mass struggles achieved by the Filipino people as they carry forward the struggle for national and social liberation. In the past four decades, they have overthrown two reactionary puppet states and are determined to put an end to the current puppet, oppressive, mendacious and corrupt regime.
On 29 March 2014, all regional, subregional and front commands of the NPA and units of the people’s militias under their leadership will fall in formation to parade the flags of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and the People’s Democratic Government, and subsequently raise them high above the celebration grounds.
At high noon, prior to the general public singing of the Internationale, NPA commands and people’s militia units in formation will give a 21-gun salute. Depending on prevailing military and security conditions, different NPA commands and people’s militias can modify this plan by either extending, abbreviating or rendering an alternative gun salute.

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