Saturday, March 29, 2014

India - Caste Away Illusions! Boycott Elections!

The filthy scramble for seats. A deluge of defections. Casteist and communal calculations in evaluating candidates’ prospects. A sickening repetition of false promises. Crores of black money pumped in to buy
allegiances and votes – make no mistake, that ugly spectacle of parliamentary elections is on.
The rulers tell us that this is our golden opportunity to make choices.
 Choose between whom? 
When all of them insist on more of imperialist globalisation …
When all of them avoid any meaningful steps to end feudal exploitation and oppression …
When all of them approve of even more brutal repression against those who fight back …
When all of them shamelessly record their swelling personal wealth, election after election …
Where is the difference?

What about the threat of Brahminic fascism concretised in the campaign of Modi the murderer?
Shouldn’t we elect those who oppose this? The danger is real. But this Sangh Parivar agenda is not the whole story.Brahminic, communal fascism extends far beyond it.  It is present in the ghettoisation and persecution of Muslims, in the exclusion and suppression of Dalits, Adivasis and other oppressed sections, in the anti-women acts allowed and even promoted by the Indian state. Which is the ruling class party free from all this?

What about corruption, stolen public money, the Swiss bank hordes? Shouldn’t we rally behind those who stand against this? Yes, we must bring the corrupt to justice. But what about the crores of stolen
surplus labour, the plundered resources of the land, the lakhs of people driven off their land, destroyed habitats and environment  what about the criminal exploitative system that breeds living on the backs of
others and glorifies personal profit? What should we make of the immoral silence on these matters by those who claim to represent the common people? Where is the parliamentary party that stands for ending the
existing system, the root of corruption?

The people need equitable, sustainable, all round development  not the growth of crorepathies and their mansions, nor the juggling of statistics to hide the misery of millions.

The people need the power to decide their own destiny.

Today these are not just dreams. They are becoming real in the embryonic peoples power that have emerged in the central and eastern regions of our country. This new society, free of exploitation and domination, was
built through decades of struggle, through people’s war led by a Maoist party.

All the parliamentary parties are one in seeking to sink these islands of real hope in a sea of blood. All of them are involved in carrying out a brutal ‘war on the people’ to destroy these pockets of real people’s
power. Their elections are in fact another means to carry this out by dividing the people and strengthening their ensnarement in reformist illusions.

We must get organised. We must unite to fight back and destroy these anti-people forces. We must open new war fronts and expand the pockets of red power all over the country. This is the only genuine alternative.

Strengthen the People’s War! Join in Building a New Democratic India!

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) NAXALBARI
March 2014


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