Wednesday, March 26, 2014

USA - Emergency Actions to Stop the War On Women

Emergency Actions to Stop the War On Women

bloody coat hanger
April 11: Public Programs
April 12: Bloody Coat-Hangers Street Actions

The Blood Of Women Is On Their Hands!
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!

April 11th—Public Programs: Hold programs on/in campuses, communities, religious congregations, and theaters bringing alive: women's abortion stories—before Roe and today, the struggles of those who risk their lives to provide abortions, and the full anti-woman program driving this war.
April 12th—Bloody Coat-Hanger Street Actions: Assemble at institutions behind this war (GOP or Dem. offices, anti-abortion churches, Pregnancy Crisis Centers, etc.). People wearing all white will raise coat-hangers dripping in blood, representing the women who die when abortion is unavailable. Others in all black will hold pictures, names and statistics of the women who have died already. Everyone will wear shackles. After one hour of silent protest, people will break the shackles and recite a pledge to resist and call on others to join in mass resistance to defeat this war.
When abortion is illegal or unavailable, women die.  An estimated 5,000+ women died each year in the U.S. before abortion was legal and 47,000 die worldwide each year currently from unsafe and illegal abortions.  Further, when abortion is not available, millions more women have their lives foreclosed as they are forced to bear children against their will and all women are devalued and subjugated.
Yet today in the U.S., abortion rights hang by a thread.
In the last three years, 203 restrictions on abortion rights have been passed.  Last year Texas had over forty clinics that provided abortions, by September there will be only six left.  Five states have only one abortion clinic.  On March 3rd, an abortion clinic in Montana was closed indefinitely after severe vandalism.  Everywhere, a tremendous stigma hangs over women who get abortions.
This must be stopped!  And WE must take the responsibility to stop it.
The fight over abortion has never been about babies.  It has always been about control over women.  Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement.
Join in organizing serious manifestations of determined resistance to defeat this war on women.
Our aims:
  1. To change the terms so that millions come to see that this fight is over women's liberation or women's enslavement.
  2. To seize back the moral high ground.
  3. To make a major leap in building a movement that relies on ourselves and provides a launching pad and call for thousands and ultimately millions to join in this resistance to REVERSE THESE ATTACKS and DEFEAT THIS WAR ON WOMEN.

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