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We,anti-imperialist, anti-fascist mass organisations struggling in various countries in Europe, held a meeting on 8-9th February and after lengthy discussions agreed on the following subjects.And we decided that we will continue our activities constructing an anti-imperialist struggling coordination initiative in Europe. The conditions we face are marked by a continuing and developing crisis, being a part of the general crisis of imperialism with the current crisis which began in 2008 in the USA, emerged in the field of finance and soon after extended to the field of production, penetrating across the world, bringing about a deepening recession.
The main origin of the crisis is not a distorted functioning of the international finance system, but the laws of running of the capitalist system itself. Europe, which is part of the world’s imperialist system, is amongst those geographies which is most affected by the crisis. It has an uneven development in different countries, within the pursuit of the maximum extortion of surplus value and the contention on the world market. It continues to be felt more strongly in economically weak countries such as Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, but in all countries in Europe the imperialist bourgeoisies are united in the effort to unload the burden of the crisis on the shoulders of the working class and toiling masses.
The resulting austerity policies that affect the masses, increase unemployment, vastly cut budgets for education and other public services are accompanied by intensifying heavy and widespread attacks against democratic freedoms, on the right to strike and independent organization for workers, outside and against the official unions, on the rights and women and their very lives. States foster racism and adopt laws to persecute migrants. The repression, criminalization and incarceration of opponents through implemented “anti-terrorism laws” are the main answer by the States to people’s movements and protest. In Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and France and in many other countries the working class and masses fight against these attacks and the system that created the crisis through general strikes and resistance movements on the territories, but so far they did not succeed to stop them. In the coming years we need to make these resistances larger and stronger.
There are many responsibilities before us in growing these resistances further and to play a leadership role in transforming them at height of the challenges we are facing, against the bourgeoisie, all its governments and all the parties and unions supporting or conciliating with them, to effectively gain some success. The subjects we will be a side of and struggle for:
1. We oppose imperialism in all its aggressions and occupations. We fight against the imperialism of our respective countries, for the immediate withdrawal of troops engaged in imperialist occupation and we support the resistance of the peoples in the occupied countries. We struggle for the closure and withdrawal of all military bases, primarily NATO, in the imperialist countries. We are against the increase of military spending, the introduction of new weaponry, the development of the war industry and the conservation of nuclear weapons.
We are at the forefront in all people’s movements that oppose new military installations and defend their land from harmfulness and occupation brought by the bases. We are on the side and support the struggle for the liberation and self-determination of the peoples of Ireland, Basque Country and Kurdish people in all the areas oppressed by the imperialist states within them. We are on the side and actively support the anti-imperialist struggles and people’s wars in the world; we will contribute to the international and internationalist unity of the proletarians and oppressed peoples around the world.
2. We are against racism and fascism, against the laws that persecute migrants, the spread of openly fascist ideas and organizations, protected by states and governments. We fight for the class unity of all workers, the closure of the lagers for migrants, for their acceptance, freedom of movement, right to citizenship. We are for the development and organization of militant anti-fascism. No space to all kinds of fascists and racists!
3. We struggle for the rights of the working class and the equality of all workers, against any restriction to the freedom of independent organization of workers from the collaborationist trade unions, against the freedom to dismiss for bosses, against the attacks on the right to strike and the repression of trade union activists. We organize and struggle for the right to work and have a salary for all the unemployed.We fight to win the right to a home – support occupations of vacant housing – against taxes and cost of living which throw in poverty millions of people.
4. We fight against the double oppression, of class and gender, on women, against institutionalized laws against women, against the discrimination of women in the job, the attacks on freedom of abortion, the sexual violence and femicides. We oppose and struggle sex-trafficking. All life must change! We are against the discrimination of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.
5. Facing a system that in the name of profit devastates the territories and the lives and health of workers and populations, we organize and support the struggles and movements for the safety of jobs, for the defence and liberation of the territories from contamination and against the big projects that threaten and occupy them.
6. We are fighting reactionary state repression, fascist aggression, the repression and criminalization of social strugglers, against the impunity of police violence, against all forms of repression in prison of all political prisoners. We launch campaigns for the defence and release of political prisoners in every part of the world, against all kinds of torture, disappearances and extrajudicial executions in custody. We fight against sexual harassment and rape of women political prisoners. We oppose the campaigns of criminalization and repression of the proletarian youth and students who rise up in the ghettos, in the universities we defend of the occupied social spaces.
7. Against the privatization of education and its reduction to the training of personnel at the service of the capitalist monopolies, we defend the right to study and to a public, secular and free education and we struggle for art, culture and information that are truly free and accessible for the people, for a science and a culture in service of the masses. The coordination initiative we are constructing aims not only to struggle against the affairs in Europe, but also aims to create a common action with all anti-imperialist forces in order to struggle against injustices, usurpation of rights, national and class oppressions in the other parts of the world.
Slaicobas for the Class Union -Italy
MFPR - Italy
FRAP (France)
Asociacion Nueva Democracia (Peru, Germany)
ATIK – Confederation of Workers from Turkey in Europe
YDG – New Democratic Youth
Yeni Kadın – New Women
ITIF Federation of Workers from Turkey in Switserland
HTIF – Federation of Workers from Turkey in the Netherlands
ATIGF – Federation of Workers and Youth from Turkey in Austria
ATIF – Federation of Workers from Turkey in Germany

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