Friday, March 7, 2014

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement – Italy ..a powerful force for revolution!

We want that this 8th March will be in our hands and red-coloured!
A March 8th which unites the struggles of women, against the low-intensity war that kills us, against our whole way of life, against all forms of oppression.
A March 8th that combines in the same struggle and Italian and immigrant women.
A March 8th that is a "bridge" towards women, factory workers, workers who struggle in other countries, from China to Bangladesh, to the revolutionary comrades who are at the forefront of people's wars from India, Philippines, Turkey ...

A March 8th that says Stop with the reformism, we want to make revolution! If we want our whole life changes, the whole society must be turned upside down!
A March 8th that, with the shout of women in struggle, rejects and buries the hypocrite mediatic and istitutional campaign, made by representatives of bourgeois politics that once again will come out with the aim of suffocating the fury of women as a powerful force for revolution!

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