Thursday, August 7, 2014

advance really in the support to people's war in India - Support International Delegation to India – ICSPWI

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On the International Delegation to India – ICSPWI

The first goal of international delegation is to meet the challenge by the Indian regime and launch on turn our challenge.
Imperialism and Indian regime attacked the ICSPWI and all the international solidarity with People’s War, urging the European governments to put an end to its activities, we will respond continuing and intensifying the actions in each country and, internationally, rising the stake with the challenge of the Delegation.
The Delegation will be there to expose all crimes of Indian regime and demand to put an end to them.
It will demand the release of GN Saibaba and all other people’s political prisoners.
It will demand the respect of all people’s rights: for workers, peasants, women, adivasis, dalits, strdents, progressive scholars and intellectuals.
It will demand political freedoms for all the oppositions, including the Maoists.
It will shout that as long as there is oppression, it is right to rebel and so we are in solidarity with all people’s movements
It will claim the solidarity with all democratic intellectuals, personalities and organizations having these positions in India
International delegation collects representatives from about 10 countries in a mix of well known personalities in the world of democrats and solidarity and social, mainly, and political, internationalist activists well known to the masses and committed in the campaigns of support and solidarity.
All comrades and organisations who want to come in Delegation should send their availability as soon as possible to:
All organizational communications about the International Delegation will be direct, and the final date will be decided at the end of September.
International Committee Support People’s War in India
3 august 2014

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