Thursday, August 7, 2014

India for palestine - In Solidarity With the Courageous Resistance of the Palestinian People Against Israeli Occupation and Genocide

Saturday August 9th at 2:00pm
Embassy of Israel New Delhi in New Delhi, India
3 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi, India 110011

Dear Friends,
It will soon be a month since the intensification of the Israeli offensive in Palestine, beginning from 7th July, 2014. Everyday, news has been pouring in of fresh attacks, and rising casualties, overwhelming on the Palestinian side.
The war on Palestine however is not the most horrifying for the attack on unarmed civilians by one of the worlds most sophisticated armies. Much of its horror lies in the silence that most of the world’s governments have maintained while watching this bloodbath unfold, complicit in the massacre of the Palestinians in their flourishing relations with Israel and their subservience to various extents to the American imperialism that fuels it. The Zionist purging of Arabs from the Palestinian lands has throughout been supported and in fact abetted by the powers that be. The US has been pumping in millions of dollars as aid to fund Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and the slaughtering of its population.
Among others, India maintains particularly close economic and diplomatic ties with Israel. In fact while Indian foreign policy on the Israel-Palestine conflict has over the past few decades taken a decisive turn in the favour of Israel, the coming into power of the Hindu right in India has further strengthened the ideological affinity between the ruling powers of both the countries. Further, this affinity stands on the firm ground of dense economic exchange. Besides trade in other goods, India is the biggest importer of armaments from Israel, contributing to one of Israel’s most important industries while Israel is the largest buyer of diamonds polished in India.
Despite the evident disparity in all manners of resources and strength with their adversary, the Palestinian people continue to fight the occupation with remarkable courage. The only thing that stands with them besides their courage is the solidarity that their struggle has received from people across the world. It is for us to fight beside them, mounting pressure on Israel and the Indian government which offers it tacit support, even as we fight against India’s own occupation of Kashmir, the primacy the government gives to arms over minimal social security, its repression and butchery of its own people so on and so forth.
Demonstrations have been taking place here as well, but the continued genocidal war calls us to come together again and in stronger anger.

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