Sunday, August 3, 2014

international action of women for Palestine now! Mfpr Italy

Against Israel’s women and children genocide!

 Thousands of Palestinian civils killed, the half of them are women and children.They are not "collateral victims" but intended deaths  of a total genocide aimed to cancel an entire people
 Zionist state of Israel is pursuing a crime against humanity, a nazi kind
> extermination
> But women are not only the "victims" , their resistance is always been and
> it
> is a powerful force for the necessary
> Revolutionary People's War for Palestinian liberty.
> Their blood, the tears for their killed children and relatives will become
> "weapons" soon or later!
> Let's Israel pays dearly this blood and tears!
> Let's support Palestinian women's Resistance!
> Let's struggle against USA and Israel' friends imperialist states
> USA imperialism and European governments like Italy are accomplices of
> this
> genocide, justifying the state of Israel and supplying it with weapons,
> showing, that, going beyond UN's hypocrisy, the imperialism's strategic
> and
> criminal interests worth more than Palestinian women and children's life!
> Let's support the courage and the Palestinian women's determination to not
> leaving their land and their resistance, raising strong our voice and our
> struggle as women in every country.
> Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement - Italy
august 2014

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