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Confront Aquino "cha-cha", second term with intense resistance -- CPPhilippines

Aquino is an indignant landlord intoxicated with power, outraged that his prerogatives as the Pork Barrel King have been questioned by the Supreme Court... Aquino is openly endorsing Marcos-style authoritarianism when he justified the proposal to amend the 1987 constitution in order to clip the powers of the Supreme Court.
By CPP Information Bureau
14 August 2014

Confront Aquino "cha-cha", second term with intense resistance -- CPP

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today called on the Filipino people to confront “with intense resistance” moves to amend the 1987 (Republic of the Philippines) constitution in order to set the stage for a second term or a term extension for Aquino, and other perfidious measures that serve the interests of foreign big capitalists and the ruling clique. In an interview aired last night, Benigno Aquino III outrightly endorsed charter change (chacha) and said he “has to listen” to proposals for him to seek another term in office.
The CPP said Aquino’s interview last night saw him “openly endorsing authoritarianism” when he justified the proposal to amend the 1987 constitution in order to clip the powers of the Supreme Court to prevent it from curtailing the self-claimed powers to realign public funds according to his priorities. “This was an open statement of his ambition to bring back the Marcos-style rule where so-called democratic institutions served as mere facades to his dictatorship.”
“Aquino is, in fact, already largely exercising dictatorial powers in his use of pork barrel money, lump-sum funds and so-called savings to reward the political loyalties of senators, congressmen and local government officials, to ensure that crony businesses are granted government contracts and guaranteed profits and that the interests of foreign big capitalists and the US military are fully served.
“With the pork barrel and Disbursement Accelaration Program (DAP), Aquino has practically reduced the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives to mere rubber stamps,” pointed out the CPP.
“Aquino is an indignant cacique intoxicated with power who is outraged that his prerogatives as the Pork Barrel King have been put to question by the Supreme Court,” said the CPP after Aquino confronted the Supreme Court over its decision against the DAP. “Like his tirades a month ago against the Supreme Court, Aquino is exhibiting his landlord intolerance against those who go against him. After having his taste of power, Aquino is becoming increasingly insatiable, seeking more powers under the false slogan of ‘matuwid na daan’ (righteous road),” said the CPP.
“Aquino’s endorsement of the chacha will pave the way for constitutional amendments to remove the few remaining restrictions against foreign control of the local economy and all-out foreign exploitation of Filipino labor and Philippine national patrimony,” added the CPP. “Aquino’s minions also seek to remove provisions that prohibit the establishment of foreign military bases and facilities.”
“Such constitutional amendments will practically trash Philippine national sovereignty and reduce the country into a wasteland for foreign plunder,” said the CPP.
“It is highly possible that Aquino’s minions will also seek to remove the provisions restricting the Philippine president to one six-year term or some other amendement that will allow him to extend his stay in office,” added the CPP. “Just like Marcos, Aquino claims he is ‘listening to the voice of his boss’ even if this is just a social-media campaign funded by Aquino, his sisters, and their Yellow army of media manipulation specialists.”
“Despite maxxing out funding for such campaigns in response to Kris Aquino’s call for the so-called ‘silent majority’ to speak up, Aquino’s yellow army has only managed to attract a few thousand people on Facebook and Twitter, including the fake accounts generated by their paid hacks. They are having a hard time bringing this campaign out of the internet.”
“The truth is, among the peasants, workers, urban poor, students, ordinary employees and other marginalized sectors, there is no clamor for another Aquino term as they are confronted daily with rising prices, reduced income and increasingly intolerable socio-economic conditions under Aquino’s anti-people and pro-big business rule,” said the CPP.
“Without the possibility of a second or extended term, Aquino is faced with only two future possibilities: he will either be ousted or forced to resign from office; or confront a widespread clamor to hold him accountable and have him imprisoned for his anomalous diversion of billions of funds to favored politicians and businesses,” added the CPP.
“In the face of exposés of graft and the filing of impeachment charges against Aquino and possible criminal charges in the future, Aquino and his coterie of corrupt officials are utterly frightened of the possibility of ending up behind bars as the Filipino people demand accountability and punishment of the bureaucrat capitalists,” said the CPP.
“In endorsing chacha and opening the possibility of a second term, Aquino is stoking the fires of the people’s demand to oust him from power,” said the CPP. “In openly expressing his authoritarian ideas, Aquino is provoking broader resistance against his rule.”

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