Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Nato's Summit - Imperialism and war - 4

this is unofficial english traslation of a document of PCm Italy about last NATO SUMMIT in Poland - this is the fourth part of 5 


NATO and immigration
The NATO Summit has been more successful in the new attempt to deal with the immigration issue.
At the Summit in Warsaw Stoltenberg announced the forthcoming “Operation Sea Guardian”. Such operation is nothing but the transformation of a mission that has been carried out for years and now is being upgraded and boosted. And it is first and foremost a mission of intelligence, surveillance and identification, which should be accomplished in cooperation with the Libyan navy under the command of the so-called "Libyan government of national unity".
It is clear that in this operation Italy plays a key role, about which, as we have already said, we will speak later.
What NATO has decided is the cooperation with the EU and another operation, “Sophia”. In essence, it is a direct war against ISIS, which should lead European vessels to intervene directly in the ports always under the pretext to “neutralize humans traffickers boats”. As Human Rights Watch rightly wrote, it is the “involvement of NATO in the monitoring of migrants, with a dangerous slide towards the militarization of the humanitarian crisis.”

Again on NATO and Europe
The final document adopted at the Summit reads: “Facing the unprecedented challenges coming from East and South, it is now time to give fresh impetus and new substance to the NATO-EU strategic partnership.”

This paragraph makes clear the step represented by the Summit, the identification between NATO and the EU exceeds the distinction between the European countries and their economic and financial interests and the general interest represented by NATO.
The crisis brought by the Brexit in EU is bypassed by the NATO Summit, and the document has not been agreed by US and EU - with its 28 countries - but by Washington Berlin, Paris and London, with the Italian government playing as a valet.
This compaction results in the strengthening of deterrence, that is, the nuclear potential in Europe and an enhanced position in the eastern part of the Alliance. As well as a compaction, yet much less consistent and clear, is achieved on the southern front.
The description of the theaters of war and agreement aims to achieve greater financial investment from European countries for the NATO itself.
According to the vision of US imperialism that the NATO mainly understands, when they say “Europe”, there is no corner of the continent that should not be included in a military view, including both to the countries actually members of NATO and having not yet the membership.

In the days following the summit there was a round table between NATO, Finland and Sweden, with the decision to strengthen the co-operation with the Alliance through joint military exercise or the participation in missions. Things already occurred on other occasions but, consistently with the decisions of the Summit, this time the two countries are openly addressed to the alleged “crisis in the Baltic”, that is actually an invention of NATO, to call these countries to take part in some form to the aggressive belt around the Russian borders, and NATO knows that this can only be a provocation and will feed the spiral of conflict with Russian imperialism that in previous days, through a statement by Putin in Helsinki had pointed out he will be ready to transfer troops to the Finnish border, if Helsinki decides, along with the participation in this kind of "missions", to join NATO.

Obviously, this pressure by US for a NATO-EU identification can only distress the European imperialist countries dominant in the EU. To rely exclusively on NATO, and then try to condition it, is not enough for the European imperialist countries, and first of all for the “aspirant superpower”, Germany, to reconcile, as far as they are compatible, the European imperialists interests with those of Russian imperialism.
Here, in fact, the Obama's speech at the summit, far from being reassuring, has further worried. As the Sole 24 Ore reports “In this challenging times - Obama pronounced, visibly emotional at the end of his latest European tour as president - I want to say clearly what will never change: the continued effort of the United States for the security and the defense of Europe. In good times and in bad times, Europe can count on the United States.”
In the language of the imperialist bandits it sounds as a threat more than a reassurance, a blackmail for full alignment, otherwise the contrast with the United States will become a conflict.

This fact is so clear that the European imperialists rely more on the press that on the official spokesperson to spread their comments. They worry about the new closer US/UK alliance, worry about the US view of opposition to Russia. So, the Sole 24 Ore on July 9 wrote that perhaps the European response should be different from enthusiasm for Obama's statement: "The exit of London from the EU will probably have military impacts... London has always hindered the emergence of an European military entity independent from US and NATO ... Now without the alibi of British vetoes, impetus and substance can be given to the 'Common security and defense policy', officially aligned (but potentially alternative) to a NATO that is not longer representative of its European founders.”.
It is clear that the US aggressive pressure to the East makes even more necessary that the European imperialist countries - and here primarily we should mention Germany and France - will find a form to defend also militarily their interests with respect to NATO plans and US hegemony.
The Sole 24 Ore adds: “Therefore, the exit of London seems to impart, at least on some partners, a stronger determination towards the strategic emancipation from British-Americans”.
But, of course, these are talks. It is clear that if these European imperialist countries, namely Germany and France, really want to continue on this path, they will have to go well beyond the current military efforts and expenditure for the Defense.
In the words of the Sole 24 Ore: “In order to finance a new autonomy for the Continent ... Europe in the future should increase military expenditure.”
In essence, the imperialist interests of Germany and France are partly at odds with those of US imperialism, and then the NATO summit has not said the last word on the plans of the alliance. “The German Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen stressed that Germany is ready to play  a role of European leadership also at military level.”

In conclusion, the decisions of the NATO Summit are not those of a powerful imperialist alliance marching to war as a compact bloc, but an alliance veined inside by inter-imperialist contradictions, in the global contest for a new division of the world.

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