Monday, June 17, 2019

India - PCI (Maoist) calls against Modi government Brahminical Hindu fascist, - in the country and abroad

 We are calling upon all the revolutionary masses in our movement areas to unite more determinedly under the PLGA to resist this round of fascist offensive launched as part of OGH-third phase. 
The CPI (Maoist) and the PLGA, RPCs, the revolutionary mass organisations and the revolutionary massed led by it vow to defeat this round of fascist offensive of the Modi led NDA government too as they had defeated several previous counter  revolutionary campaigns. 
This could be done only by waging war of self-defense utilising every single opportunity and mobilising and uniting all the fighting forces (revolutionary, democratic, patriotic) and the people vastly in this just people’s war, now directed against this fascist and treacherous Modi government. 
In the past dictators like Mussolinis and Hitlers had similarly waged unjust wars, and heaped countless atrocities and brutalities on people and countries. But ultimately their mighty armies were defeated, their empires crumbled and they fell when people rose in fury. 
People had always fought against such fascists in the world and our country and they would do so now too.
The more the people realise the real face of these fascists, the more unitedly they come together to fight them, the quicker would be their fall. The day when these paper tigers would be shred into pieces is not as far as they would like to think. We appeal to all the organisations, forces, individuals and people who suffer from and oppose the Brahminical Hindu fascist, anti-people and anti-country regressive Modi government to unite and come forward to resist and defeat it. 
We appeal to one and all to build up solidarity with the fighting people both in our country and abroad

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