Monday, June 22, 2020

Antiimperialist Action Ireland video in solidarity and support of the protest

Irish Socialist Republicans participated in the Black Lives Matter demonstration at the US Embassy in Dublin in a demonstration of solidarity with the oppressed Black Brown And Native People of North America. The antiimperialists and revolutionaries from the Antiimperialist Action Ireland also took part and had a banner which says: ‘Fight Racism- US Imperialism Out Of Shannon’. They pointed out, that there are same interests with the struggle against US-Imperialism, because US-military is using the Shannon Airport as an operation base and they pointed out that they want "to demonstrate practical solidarity with the Uprising in the USA". They declare "Anti Imperialist Action stands with the People’s Uprising against the Racist, Colonialist and Imperialist USA and will continue to campaign and take action in support of the growing resistance

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