Saturday, June 27, 2020

Canada - unity of revolutionary students in the MER-RSM


On Thursday, June 25, the 7 members of the Hants Revolutionary Study Group voted in a resolution to apply the Mandate of Revolutionary Student Movement (MER-RSM). Based on our understanding of the Mandate, and our shared principles of revolutionary Communism, we ask the Coordinating Committee to accept us as a formal MER-RSM section under the name of Revolutionary Student Movement – Nova Scotia-Mi’Kma’Ki (RSM – NS/MK).
We believe in the cause of bringing about proletarian revolution, and feel that the RSM offers a network of supportive comrades and organizers capable of guiding our small group in applying the Mass Line towards that horizon.
Our immediate goals are to begin reading sessions of the introductory course, conduct social investigation, and launch a Serve The People food program. In addition to our current Marxist book exchange. Through proper application of the Mass Line and propaganda campaigns, we hope to grow our ranks of educated and dedicated cadre, capable of inspiring others, and forming mass organizations to pull in the advanced and intermediate workers in our surrounding communities. It would be our eventual long-term goal to establish a PCR-RCP organizing committee to further establish a militant base here in the Maritimes.
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! People’s War until Communism!

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