Monday, June 29, 2020

USA - New Revolutionary News Site! - internationalist greetings from maoistroad

 in English and Spanish language!

  • As it is written on the homepage this site was created in struggles and disputes within the editorial staff of Incendiary News. Manly upon the question of the pandemic, and what is the correct politic to develop.

The following quote is an excerpt from the editorial position of "Tribune of the People":

“Revolutionaries and especially centralized revolutionary news organs must be vigilant at exposing the machinations of the state and multi-state imperialist groupings. They must be fearless and understand that no “pandemic” is as deadly as imperialism. If Maoists are correct to insist that imperialism itself is a paper tiger, then these views must also extend to COVID-19. The reader deserves better analysis and improved synthesis, the nascent revolutionary struggle in the US deserves a better voice.

We aim to become this voice with patience, attentiveness, and initiative instead of sluggish perfunctory motions, with modesty instead of posturing, with a viewpoint from examining contradictions instead of mechanical inference, and most importantly with courage and honesty. Tribune of the People includes some of those who have made the above detailed errors, and so we take collective accountability while giving assurance that these errors will not be allowed to continue.

We understand that we start with a fraction of the networks and resources possessed by our old newspaper, armed only with a passion for the revolutionary struggle and the understanding that the truth is always more revolutionary than any distortion. What we lack in terms of reach will be overcome by our class position, relying on the masses and using the mass line. We understand that this will take work and time, and so we humbly proceed. We ask for support and contribution, whether it be financial, editorial, or literary, with physical distribution or just sharing our online articles far and wide.

Let the struggles commence!”

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