Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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After the launch of a first day of mobilization on the occasion of the 19ThJune 19, as a day of the support for all communist and revolutionary political prisoners behind the bars in the world, raising the red flag of the "Day of Heroism" of the more than 300 Peruvian political and war prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru, who gave their lives with a heroic resistance for the revolution, for the Peruvian people, for the communists around the world, in the 1986 massacre.

SRP has been working in recent years with a great deal of information and counter-information, in support of political prisoners in Italy and worldwide, as a tool to express solidarity with all comrades, proletarians, communists, revolutionaries, social activists hit by state repression; as a voice of information and support for the struggles of prisoners in Italy; as a support, within the limits of our strength, to all the organizations and associations that deal with repression, to the families and to the democratic groups active in the prisons front.
Our campaigns for Nadia Lioce, against torturer and murderous prison, are known and recognized by all those who organize and participate in these struggles, who are not imbued with sectarian and self-referential spirit.

Now SRP is relaunched to become a unitary instrument, based on mass work and the mobilization of the masses, to build a united front against repression and prisons, clearly part of the more general united front of the proletarians and people’s masses.

On June 19 we start this new path in a new phase under the slogan:
Against the use of the coronavirus emergency to intensify anti-proletarian and anti-people repression - the attack on the right to strike and freedom of demonstration - against the murderer prison and the torturer prison - in support of the struggles in prisons and in solidarity with political prisoners in the world”

The struggle against state and rulers repression is not only a front of struggle but also the practical expression of how the mire the class struggle intensifies and our class and the masses organize, the more the State responds with law and order, arrests, cases, police violence to stop the struggles themselves, to hit the vanguards and activists. But in this struggle proletarian comrades and masses understand in practice and on their own skin what is the bourgeois state, what is the state of the masters, and how to respond to their attacks and transform this struggle it into a general political struggle.

At the same time, it is not spontaneous in the every day struggles of proletarians and masses that the general function of the prison and the "anti-insurgency" activity of the State which hits the communist and revolutionary forces operating in the masses struggles is understood; and it is not understood that solidarity is indeed a weapon to blunt the weapons of the state and to give strength to communist and revolutionary organizations and the imprisoned comrades.

In this sense, the SRP collects the historical experience of the workers and communist movement and looks at the positive experiences in the 70s,SRP is inspired by these examples and wants to revive them in the current phase. Therefore, SRP works to unite all the forces and associations struggling against repression, so that there is an individual and collective joining this body and the initiatives that can commonly be organised.

But, as always, to get unity we have to fight the dividing positions. Everyone says: "if they touch one they touch everyone", "solidarity is a weapon", but some of those who say so do not put it in the practice, they mobilize only when repression hit directly themselves and do not put in a word or action of true solidarity when repression at different degrees hits other struggling people and organizations.

Just as there is a lack of effort by most of organizations when repression targets common proletarians, activists in the workplace in their basic activities of strike, picketing and blocks who today have become subject of daily persecution. Just as, beyond a few words, we did not see anything serious and genuine on the occasion of the recent prison riots in which 16 prisoners died, dozens were wounded, transferred, tortured, harassed, also attacking their families.

What to say about the continuous silence about the political prisoners of the fighting organizations, these imprisoned comrades are considered, even by relevant parts of base unions and movements activists, "buried alive", forgotten and left to the repression by the bourgeois state.

SRP was born as a body of unity but also of open struggle against the wrong positions, self-referential extremism, opportunism of the “whitewashed tombs”.

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