Monday, May 8, 2023

info and clarification for comrades and readers

Maoistroad publishes all actions in the mass and all demostrations in May Day in the world, because they are generally in the camp of proletarians and peoples struggle against capitalism and imperialism for proletarian and socialist revolution

in the same time Maoistroad supports mlm parties and organisations in ideological/teorical/political/organisative struggle against revisionism/opportunism and 'ICL deviation' and now supports the new revew  Two-Line Struggle engaged in this specific struggle and in the debate inside mlm camp for a true mlm Unified International Conference for a new mlm International Organisation, after collaple of the RIM.

Maoistroad supports ICSPWI and PCI(Maoist) as the principal international campaign supporting people's war in the world

For May Day joint declaration the action for signatures and supports continues and the information about May Day Demostrations continues also in next weeks

revolutionary and internationalist greeting

May 2023

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