Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Nepal - towards new unity of the communist marxist-leninist- maoist - a declaration - extracts

'the 22 April 2023, is a historically significant day. Right 73 years before, the Communist Party of Nepal was founded under the leadership of Comrade Pushpalal. Today is also the birthday of Lenin, the great leader of the world proletariat. So, this day has a special significance not only from the point of view of the establishment of the Communist Party in Nepal but also from that of the world communist movement. On this important event, the Central Committee pays emotional homage to the entire martyrs and congratulates and expresses its best wishes to all party ranks, injured and disappeared warriors, martyrs’ families, revolutionary people, international fraternal parties and organizations, and the world proletariat.

The Nepalese communist movement has completed 73 years and entered 74 years today. In this period, this movement has reached this point through sharp two-line struggles erupted at times, revolutionary transformation, new unity on a new basis, rebellion against revisionism, and in some cases, immature splits. In the meantime, the people’s movements, Jhapa rebellion, people’s war, and different types of people’s struggles have been waged under the leadership of the Communist Party. Nepalese people have also exercised people’s power under the protection of the People’s Liberation Army, Nepal, led by the erstwhile CPN (Maoist). Nepal has not been free yet from semi-feudal and semi/neo-colonial socio-economic conditions. The dream of the Nepalese people to complete the new democratic revolution and pave the way towards scientific socialism and communism remains unfulfilled. Also, the exploitation, repression, and oppression of comprador and bureaucratic capitalism, feudalism, imperialism, and Indian expansionism are becoming more terrible. Right-wing revisionism is the main danger for the Nepalese Communist movement.'

 PC Nepal (revolutionary-maoist )

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