Friday, May 5, 2023

Palestinian Prisoner Khader Adnan Died in Israeli Dungeons! His murderer is the State of Israel!

His murderer is the State of Israel! We Defend the Lives of Political Prisoners in the Dungeons of Israel and All Occupying, Fascist Government

Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, who became the symbol of resistance against Israel's detention-arrest
policies, which has an important place in the struggle of the Palestinian people against the occupying
Israeli state, became immortal today on the 87th day of his hunger strike. The Israeli prison
administration reported that Adnan was found unconscious in the isolation cell in Ramleh Prison and was
later declared dead in Assaf Harofeh hospital.
Khader Adnan, 44, was arrested 12 times by the Israeli occupation in the last two decades of his life and
spent a total of eight years behind bars and five hunger strikes. One of these strikes was a 55-day hunger
strike in 2015 in protest Israel's so-called "administrative detention", in which suspects are imprisoned
indefinitely without charge or trial. It was his hunger strike in 2012, also in protest the practice of
"administrative detention", during which he was released after 67 days of hunger strike, that led to his
becoming one of the symbols of the prison resistance. Adnan's victory inspired Palestinian political
prisoners to resist to achieve their freedom.
Khader Adnan was last detained on 5 February 2023 in the town of Arraba in the northern West Bank
district of Jenin, and immediately went on hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. The allegations
levelled against Adnan by the Israeli authorities, without providing any evidence, were "membership in
Islamic Jihad and making political speeches in military courts.
The murderer of Khader Adnan is the occupying Israeli state
It is the most well-known method used by occupying, fascist governments against the peoples who resist
them: If you can, slaughter them where you see them, if not, imprison them and keep them in isolation, if
they still do not kneel, condemn them to death in prison! This is at the core of the Israeli state's policy
towards the Palestinian people and political prisoners, and this is exactly how Khader Adnan was
murdered. Adnan, who was repeatedly captured without justification, was condemned to death in prison,
was not transferred to a civilian hospital despite the demands of his family and independent democratic
organisations in the later days of his hunger strike, and even beyond that, for example, the guards
deliberately kept him sleepless by raiding his cell every half hour and keeping the lights on all the time,
and tortured him by not allowing him to meet even with his family.
There are currently 4,700 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, 1,000 of whom are "administrative
detainees". This year alone, in four months, 1,300 Palestinians have been arrested. As UPOTUDAK, we
protest the Israeli state's arrests, which it does not hesitate for a moment to use as a stick in the hands of
the Palestinian people's resistance against the occupation, and we demand the release of all political
prisoners! We say once again: Khader Adnan's murderer is the occupying Israeli state, and we stand by
the Palestinian prisoners and the resistance of the people against this murderous state!
Khader Adnan Shall Cherish in our Struggle!
Freedom for Palestinian Prisoners!
Freedom for All Political Prisoners!
Long Live International Solidarity


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