Monday, May 20, 2024

ICSPWI - Mobilize in all kind of actions in support Indian revolution against Operation Kagaar !

 take up the appeal of the Indian comrades!

1 - diffusion in all pro-palestinian demostrations in the world the 
call 'against Operation Kagaar!
2 - in occasion of G7 Summit in Italy 13-15 june with Modi's presence 
we organise an delegation in the big demostration against 
the G7 in Taranto/Brindisi/fasano
3 - in occasion of International week for the George Abdallah's freedom 
8-15 june take denounce and solidarity against Operation Kagaar
4 - actions in 19th June in solidarity with Indian political prisoners
1 july International Day of actions against Operation Kagaar 
in all the countries possible - 
for this day ICSPWI makes a new call
may 2024

Let us defeat this fascist onslaught on the people of India and advance the Indian Revolution to new heights

 Dear Comrades,Red Salutes!

The Brahmanic Hindutva State continues its genocidal campaigns on indigenous people
of India particularly on the central Indian tribal people in a much ruthless manner. The Indian
ruling classes, worried by the revolutionary movement of the people, extols all its armed
machineries to eliminate the revolutionary movement in this mission of “Maoist-Free India” by
the end of year 2024. In pursuit of its aim, RSS-BJP fascist forces have steadfastly intensified
their ongoing genocidal campaign in the name of “Operation Kagaar”. After Aapatola genocide
on 16th of April, in which the Indian armed forces brutally killed 11 unarmed comrades and 6
injured comrades out of 29 comrades, the armed forces carried out three more genocides. On
30th of April, in Tekametta and Kakur forests of Chhattisgarh-Maharashtra border region, 4
villagers of the indigenous Mariah tribe were killed by the state armed forces in a barbaric
manner while they were performing their traditional rituals. Six revolutionary cadres and PLGA
fighters were killed in this encounter. One senior most comrade, Cheemala Narsaiah (Joganna
(66) who was Regional Committee Member (RCM) was picked unarmed up and killed in a gory
On 10th of May, in Pidia village of Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh state, 12 tribal villagers
who were out in the forest to pluck tendu leaves (used to prepare beedi, the native cigar), were
killed in a savage way by the armed forces. The Gadchilori C-60 commandos in the state of
Maharashtra, killed three comrades in a fake-encounter in Kathrangatta on May 13. Central
Home-Minister, Amit Shah and the Chief Minister, Dy. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh State
congratulated the armed forces and admired their barbaric acts as an act of bravery. They are
encouraging the armed forces to continue and intensify this bloodshed. Thousands of Police
personnel are combing the forest areas in a reckless manner. In addition to this, aerial
bombings and 81mm mortar shell firing have become a new norm of the armed forces. All
rubbish stories scripted by the police are being telecasted in the media. Media personnel are
stating that armed forces are killing tribal people out of panic. When the tribal people see the
police with modern sophisticated weapons and bombs in forest, they run out of fear. It is the
tribal people who are living in panic. They are living in extreme fear and grief. But the logic of
media personnel stating that armed forces are killing tribal people due to panic is nothing but
to legitimize state violence on the indigenous people. In media, the armed forces display the
dead bodies of the indigenous people along with bur mar (muzzle loader), which is a traditional
weapon used by the tribal people of India for centuries to protect themselves from the attacks
of wild animals. Carrying muscle loader or bow and arrows by the tribal people in the forests is
quite natural. But today, they are being killed in a manner more ruthless than the wild animals
by the armed forces of India. The Indian state has endangered the indigenous people of the
country. RSS-BJP has launched “Operation Kagaar” at the behest of the ruling classes of India
and imperialist forces. The massive corporatization-militarization of the forest areas are
underway in order to hand over the natural resources to domestic corporate houses and their
Imperialist bosses. Comrades and friends of the Indian Revolution abroad,
All these heinous acts by the Indian state on its own people are a testimony of genocides
which are going to escalate in the coming days. Mainstream media and even the alternative
media are maintaining terrific silence on these genocides. The indigenous people are
committed to protect the natural resources of the country from the plunders of Imperialist and
domestic big corporate companies. In such a catastrophic time, they are standing firmly
determined with the revolutionary movement.

The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) makes an ardent appeal to comrades and
friends of the Indian Revolution abroad, to take up several programs and actions against
“Operation Kagaar”. Let us defeat this fascist onslaught on the people of India and advance
the Indian Revolution to new heights


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