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Philippines -honors to revolutionary martyr Ka Arman Albarillo and ten other Comrades who died as martyrs with him

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Member, NDFP National Executive Committee
5 July 2012

NDFP renders highest honors to revolutionary martyr Ka Arman Albarillo and ten other Comrades who died as martyrs with him

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) renders the highest honors to Ka Arman Albarillo, 34, and his ten comrades  who died on 30 June 2012 in San Narciso, Quezon, while fighting the reactionary armed forces of the Aquino regime.
Ka Arman is the son of Expedito and Manuela Albarillo of San Teodoro, Mindoro Oriental. Expedito was Bayan Muna municipal coordinator and a barangay councilor in San Teodoro. Manuela was a member of Gabriela. On 8 April 2002, they were summarily executed by fascist forces under the command of retired General Jovito Palparan, Jr.
As the second eldest among eight children, he worked hard to take care of his siblings. The military pressured him to become a military asset. He refused, declaring: “Gawin na lang nila ang gusto nilang gawin sa akin tulad ng kanilang ginawa sa aking mga magulang. Hinding-hindi ako titigil sa paghahanap ng hustisya para sa aking pamilya at buong sambayanan.”  (They can do as they please, just like what they did to my parents. But I will never stop the quest for justice for my family and the people)
He became a fearless defender of human rights.
In 2005, together with his youngest sister, Adelisa, he testified at an International Tribunal in Manila on human rights violations of the Arroyo regime. He became Secretary General of BAYAN-Southern Tagalog, arousing, mobilizing and organizing the people in Southern Tagalog to fight state terrorism, landgrabbing, oppressive government policies and US imperialist domination and military intervention. .
When a warrant of arrest was issued in 2008 against him and 71 other regional mass leaders. Ka Arman decided to join the New People's Army and carry on his struggle in the realm of People's War. He became a charismatic guerrilla leader in the region.
He and his 10 co-martyrs were felled by bullets of the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines. Their bodies were mutilated, the faces of the men were peppered with bullets, and Ka Arman's left arm was detached. This is a gross violation of international humanitarian law.
The Filipino masses cherish their New People's Army and their revolutionary martyrs. Commemorations and tributes in Metro Manila, in various parts of Southern Tagalog and other regions in the Philippines, render honor to Ka Arman and his 10 fellow martyrs. The masses draw strength and inspiration from their revolutionary example. Ka Arman will be buried, as he had requested before he died, beside his beloved parents, Expedito and Manuela Albarillo.

Member, NDFP National Executive Committee

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