Monday, July 23, 2012

India The Maruti Workers Struggle - Police says ' workers are vinculated with PCI maoist' - - 97 workers arrested

Revolta dos obreiros da fabrica Maruti.Suzuki en Manesar.

Fontes da policia india acusan aos traballadores protagonistas da rebelión de ter vinculos cos maoístas e concretamente có clandestino PCI (Maoísta) que din conta con bases na cidade.
The Haryana Police on Sunday said it had arrested six more workers in relation with the attack on company executives
at Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar factory on Wednesday that had resulted in the killing of a senior manager and injuries, 
many severe, to 100 others.
A senior police officer said, “So far, 97 workers have been arrested. Investigations are on. We are trying to trace the other
members of the workers’ union.”

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