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rishi badal nepal declaration

We are Communists, we want to lead the people in overthrowing the enemy, and so we must keep our ranks in good order, we must march in step, our troops must be picked troops and our weapons good weapons. Without these conditions the enemy cannot be overthrown.

Mao Tse-tung 

Rectify the Party's Style of Work

The national convention of the revolutionary faction of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) was held on June 16-18, 2012. After the National Convention The Next Front had posted an article 'Now we have a Revolutionary Party'. Yes, forming the new party was the matter of great joy and enthusiasm for the revolutionary cadres. 

The main objective of the convention was to break the relation with those thugs, who were exercising the politics of national surrender and betraying the Nepalese revolution. It was the first step to move a head–a great task which we had done successfully.

Now it is a matter of deep concern that things are not going in the right direction. It will be hasty to come out in any negative conclusion. We know there are some complications and it is not easy to get rid of that four years parliamentary hangover.  But it is true– Morning shows the day. The orientation must be clear in ideological and organizational sphere. New party means real rupture with those revisionists in the ideological-organizational field, as well as in the style of work.  But we have not realized any newness in our working style.

Launch at Precedent Residence, regular meeting with Nepali Congress and CPN (UML)-the reactionary parties, are not the matter of significant for the revolutionaries. It seems that 'New leaders of New Party' have trapped in a tunnel and are not able to come out from there.

A dubious working style always creates tediousness. Stereo type of working style must be abandoned. As Comrade Mao says : The blunt knife draws no blood and the dull army does not win the war.  Party cadres are feeling monotones and the degree of dissatisfaction is growing day to day.

Those militant cadres who fought 10 years People's War and who played the vital role in two line struggle, are neglected and those who are close to 'A' 'B' ' C' are rewarded.  Leaders themselves are violating  the Party's Constitution. Controversial person has got space in the Central Committee in the name of Party unity. What a fun! 

The Party document passed by CC Meeting also has created some confusion. The document has mentioned Marxism-Leninism- Maoism as the guiding Principle.

But it is the matter to note that the document also has emphasized caste, gender, race and regional problems instead of class problem. It is the reality that some Maoist leaders are pleading caste, race, gender and regionalism than class outlook and class struggle. They plead 'identity politics' not Marxism. They enjoy in ethnicity, not in class struggle. In fact in the name of 'ethnic community and indigenous people' they are pleading Post-modernism not Maoism. 

We all know 'single identity politics' is the politics designed by INGOs, backed by imperialist powers. This is a vital problem that the Nepalese Maoist Movement is facing these days. 

The document has not mentioned clearly the party line for the current situation. Leaders are pleading 'Round Table Assembly', 'United Interim Government' and the 'New political way out'.  This is ambiguous and leaning to the parliamentary exercise.  CC meeting has violated the decision done by National Convention. In fact, our leaders have not unchained themselves from the working style of Prachanda. 

No matter Prachanda is a man of authoritarian attitude. But it is a matter of surprise that our 'new' leaders are following the same track. Only the Party's new name and changes in major posts was not the objective of the national convention.  The main objective was to form a Bolshevik type of Party based on Marxism-Leninism- Maoism–a party of revolutionary spirit in ideology and practice.

In fact, the leaders of the New Party have been trapped into the new type of eclecticism. It seems that new party has made its break with UCPN-(Maoist) only in words, not in practice.  Without any hesitation I would like to express my opinion that leaders of the CPN-Maoist are not competent to meet the spirit of revolutionary cadres. We want a new type of Party both in ideology and practice. We don't need the new edition of UCPN (Maoist). There must be clear cut vision, no eclecticism.

Leaders have called Party Congress on December, this year. How they work, let us wait and see till then. Now they are not in the mood to listen our voice and suggestions, because they are our 'great and top' leaders and we all know the 'great and top' leaders can do no wrong. They know each and every thing, they all are experienced and there is no need to listen the voice of the cadres.  And it is the fact that they are the production of the same schooling in which Prachanda was grown up. Rectification is needed. We urge our leaders to listen the voice of the grass root cadres. They are our blood and mind. 

Major parties of International Maoist Movement have not opened their lips. The party document is not available in English version yet. Recently CPI(M-L) NAXALBARI  has released a press statement concerning the newly formed communist Party of Nepal- Maoist. I think this is the first open and official response by any fraternal Party to the newly formed Maoist Party of Nepal.  

The statement has mentioned that– ''The formation of a new Maoist party has created serious problems for Indian expansionism and imperialism."  Yes it is true. But only a revolutionary party will be able to challenge the Indian expansionism and imperialists forces.  Only the clear communist outlook and a revolutionary mass line can solve the problems and lead to move ahead.  

A joint venture is necessary for this movement. 

The revolutionaries of South Asia must be united and have to reorganize Composa. We must be clear about the International Communist Movement and restructuring the new RIM. And we all know the role of CPI (Maoist) and RCP (America) will be decisive on this issue. 

Enthusiastically, we all are waiting for the comment of CPI (Maoist) and RCP (America) on the formation of CPN-Maoist.

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