Monday, February 25, 2013

Canada INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2013 Women Rise Up Against Violence!

Women Rise Up Against Violence!

On March 8, International Women’s Day, the Women of Diverse Origins collective will hold a demonstration in Montreal to demand an end to violence “against women, the poor, marginalized, indigenous people, minorities (religious, ethnic and gender) and the most vulnerable.” The demonstration will start at 6pm from Place Émilie-Gamelin (metro Berri-UQAM). A solidarity celebration will follow right after the demo at Comité Social Centre-Sud (1710, rue Beaudry, metro Beaudry).

The PCR-RCP Canada supports this call and will form a proletarian revolutionary feminist contingent within the demo. We will march to condemn oppression from the capitalist system and to call for a radically different society —an egalitarian society free from any kind of oppression.

The problem of violence against proletarian women cannot be solved under capitalism, because this system creates a culture of commodification that takes advantage of the old social relations of oppression, discrimination, sexism and inequalities. Men and even women from the ruling class have an interest in reproducing the social inequalities that specifically oppress working class women and keep them in situations where food, financial, physical and psychological security are endangered. It is through the marginalized position of working class women that the wealthy are able to extract more profits. This is the kind of violence that women from the oppressed classes are facing.

Only socialist revolution and the building of a genuine people’s power can meet the needs and assure security of all proletarian women.

On March 8, let’s advance the revolutionary nature of International Women’s Day! Let’s take the streets to condemn their violence and propel our own struggle as female workers!

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