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From Report of the meeting of the International Committee to support the People’s War in India

Report of the meeting of the International Committee to support the People’s War in India

The Committee had invited the Parties and Organizations that had participated the in the International Conference in Hamburg, or were interested in the activity of support, to send their representatives. Some of them attended the meeting, other sent messages and communications.
Particularly, we welcomed with joy the attendance of the comrades of Gran Marcha Hacia el Comunismo from Spain and the Revolutionary Front to defend the people’s rights from Brazil. We wish they will take part also in the future meetings and activities of the Committee. The Committee is not yet structured in final form, it fulfils the tasks pointed out in its founding Call and realizing campaigns and actions.

The purpose of this meeting is at the same time important and limited. We have to draw a summary assessment of the Conference, organize the publishing of the booklet of speeches and fix the tasks to be accomplished with operational decisions.
We have to be a dynamic organization capable of mobilizing energies and at the same time to tune its activity with the current state of People’s War in India.
All the speeches the International Conference stressed the importance of People’s War in India, and the Committee considers all the forces participating in the conference as forces of real support to the People’s War. The point is not to impose a general line to which such forces have to conform, but to promote in a unified form all this activity.
Our work is twofold: first, to go on with the line and the method of work that led to the International Conference in Hamburg, second, to share this line and working method with even more large and articulated forces.
The decisive concept is that the Committee is not an ideological supporter to the CPIM. It is clear that all those are here are Maoist organizations, but the Committee is not the RIM, it can not be an organization of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists only. That is why the relationship and work with the German comrades of the BGIA, and the other anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces taking part at the Conference, were important and positive.
The result of the International Conference showed the correctness of this approach. The first point of the Committee’s assessment is that this task has been fulfilled. We could have not organize the International Conference if we had forged not this unity and made the decision to hold it in Hamburg, where we relied on the mass support of an anti-imperialist forces really in solidarity with the People’s War in India.
Along with the comrades of the BGIA, we put forward an effective joint Call that has correctly placed the solidarity in the context of the action of imperialism against peoples. That Call would be shared and supported, with the participation, by all the forces we was inviting to participate in the International Conference. Once this decision was made, we passed to realize the plan to organize the International Conference, successfully.
Both the forces promoting of the Conference made the necessary efforts, in their respective fields, for the success of the Conference. The BGIA appealed a part of the forces, we brought our forces, the Parties and organizations that already had supported the work of the Committee and those MLM parties and organizations that had shared the support to the People’s War even if were not part of the Committee. This way we had a large Italian delegation, with representatives of workers, women, youth, significant delegations from France and Galicia, representatives of many communist MLM parties and organizations in the world, some of which undertook a long journey to attend.
This made possible the success of the International Conference, that before appeared impossible. The Conference has been a hard blow to imperialism and the reactionary and genocidal State of India, to revisionism and opportunists groups, in solidarity in words and sectarian in facts, that finally boycotted the Conference.
The International Conference was held with a militant and enthusiastic style. The German comrades organized the Conference in details, even how to arrange the hall, etc., in accordance with the Committee. Everything has been planned and almost entirely carried out.
The success of the International Conference is important not only for the solidarity but also for the work in each country to broaden this activity. It was Important that at the International Conference many comrades pointed out that the best support is to prepare the People's War in their countries. And everybody welcomed this message, that allows to link the support to the People's War in India with the class struggle and the class war in each country.
If we have a correct line and we apply it flexibly, it has influence on the struggle and the transformation of the entire movement.
In some countries, for example in Norway and Sweden, the process of the Conference resulted in a line struggle against revisionism and opportunism, and has been an element of clearness.
We need to look into and analyze all the speeches to the International Conference, because each of them gives a contribution to develop the work.
Now the committee can not stop to contemplate the result, the Conference is a step. We need to start from the tasks that the Conference put forward, look at the new problems involved and address them.
First, we need to see how the Conference has expanded our real strength. We should organize an international day of actions simultaneously in different countries, on the example of the previous international weeks, that allowed us to expand the knowledge of the People’s War in India.
We need to raise the level of the initiatives, to make step forward in each country. For this we must carefully consider the proposals contained in the speeches. We should generalize the advanced experiences and give them a general reference with the proposal of an International Day.
India is a crucial country for the strength balance between imperialism and people, a leaven of of the rebellions that touch the masses in the world. So the military cooperation between India and imperialist countries is also important.
The Committee should mobilize its forces to bring the support to People's War in India in occasion of the International Women's Day and the May 1st, and particularly the support to the great and massive struggles of women and proletarians in develop in that country.
In each country we should also carry out debates like the International Conference, utilizing in each country the booklet and the method of the Conference, so that the different forces not directly participating in the International Confeence can be involved.
Finally, we should organize an International Delegation that travels to India to bring even there directly the message of support to the people of India against the Indian government and imperialism. There are no the conditions to realize something similar to the international delegations to Palestine (Freedom Flotilla etc), because the level of the People's war and the kind of war on people waged by the Indian state do not allow this kind of delegations. Rather we should carry out something like the previous example of the international delegations in support of chairman Gonzalo. The impact will be nationally and internationally very strong.

After this report, the debate among the comrades has started on the many aspects of the International Conference and the work to do. We publish here a summary of the discussion.


Brazil- A special greeting from the comrades of the Revolutionary Front to Defend the People's Rights, who participated in the Conference in Hamburg. We consider that Conference an important initiative. For us the internationalist solidarity to People’s War in India is an important work, because it is not just a work of humanitarian solidarity but a crucial task for the revolutionaries today, the Maoist communist in the world.
In Brazil, we was able to develop actions, particularly a demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy, that marked the closeness with the struggles of the Peasants League, whose leaders met there. It had a big impact in Brazil, where the embassy officials got surprised, and also in India, to read the local press. It was particularly important for Brazil because, I repeat, it showed the current harmony and political closeness of the PW with the struggle of peasants. There was an important meeting of peasants leaders from all over Brazil on a revolutionary line against the devastation brought by landlords. The State attacked this movement. The demo had a big impact on peasants, bringing a deeper understanding of what should be the path of revolutionary struggle in Brazil. It was important and surprising, because it gave strength to movement of peasants, it strengthened the struggle in Brazil.
The proposals of campaign made by International Committee are important, I agree to have a common plan and maintain a political link. Particularly important is the proposal of mobilization for the International Women’s Day, due to the international attention on the struggle of women against mass rapes in India and also because the Indian regime has claimed that the demonstrations in all India had been organized by the Maoists. So that date is a good opportunity to denounce imperialism. The comrades of the Movimiento Feminino Popular in Brazil asked me to point out this to the meeting of the Committee.
I think that an international intiative provides the opportunity to speak clearly, and the International Conference can be used to appeal and give unifying strength to other organizations that are currently organized separately.
This is an important task because in this moment of crisis of imperialism, we have to discuss what are the main tasks for us to defend the rights of the people and a bright future for the people.
On the other hand, this work gives good opportunities for the knowledge and recognizing of our work, to deepen the ideological and political issues.
We applaud this initiative and we are ready to carry out this work in Brazil and the countries of Latin America.

Spain - We participated in the International Conference and now consider important this meeting. Our assessment is very positive. An organization from Ecuador sent us a press release with which it supports this work. Positive was the extent of participation of Parties and organizations. The realization of the Conference allowed a leap. Within it, in the speeches to the conference we find a markedly ideological and political content . This debate will expand our work in the future.
As a result of the Conference we continued our activities in Spain. First we made a leaflet with the final communique and our speech. Later we began to translate the speeches and messages. The sheet was sent to about 60 Parties, groups, unions and progressive people in Spain .
The impact of this activity has been positive, others are relaunching these texts in the web.
Rhere were attacks against our activities.
We are preparing another leaflet with the introducing report of the International Committee, and another on the People's Wars in India, Turkey, Philippines.
we should set up a web page to provide information.
As regards the upcoming International Day of actions, we will contribute according to our strength and capabilities. We will try to coordinate with the comrades of Galicia.
France - We are very pleased with the International Conference, because we were able to involve in the work for and attain the participation of other organizations that are not Maoist. Other comrades, who are now organizing a meeting in Clermont-Ferrand, where workers of Michelin will attend. Other initiatives can be held in other cities.
When we go to some factories in France, we try to link the PW to the struggles of the working class in France and its perspective. We held a meeting in the city of the Michelin factory, and from there the workers of Michelin sent a statement to the workers of a tire factory in India, where the French bosses of Michelin try to delocalize.
The International has brought also a two-lines-struggle in our country. Someone spoke about it as a meeting manipulated by the Maoists, while other young Marxist-Leninists had the opportunity to see and share the preparation of Conference. Some of them came to Hamburg as individual because of the prohibition of their organization. We started new relations with new comrades, not only the workers, as we already said, and even with revolutionary rappers, well-known in France.
As every year, we will participate in the anti-colonialist weeks, where we will inform about the situation in India and especially on the issues of the rapes, the condition of the peasants and the content of the debate in Hamburg.

RPFM, Italy - We see the close connection between our speech at the International Conference and the current mobilization of women in India. It shows the role of women in People's War and revolution. It shows the need that the Committee takes up this battle in the continuation of the work, with a struggle inside and outside.
The rapes, the killings of women in India are the same as in Italy, Spain, France.
It is in the revolutionary struggle, in the People's War that the real emancipation of women is achieved.
The participation of women makes the revolution richer. To understand this we need an internal ideological struggle.
We agree the proposal to bring the struggle of women and the PW in India into the International Women's Day.

Italy, Palermo - During the preparation of the campaign we held initiatives in the cities where we operate, towards workers, youth and students.
For us too, the assessment is mainly positive. Within the communist movement, that in Italy is varied, the novelty is that everyone now knows what the PW in India. Compared to other countries, there are not positions against, but only in an opportunistic defection from the discussion.
Also internationally, the assessment is positive, just look at the participation and the outcome of the Conference, as result of both the quantitative and qualitative composition, especially for the strong presence of young people. Internationally, all forces must take this into account.
Let's start from this positive assessment to develop the work. We think that we should emphasize the the offensive aspect of the support to PW. At two levels. First, the propaganda and information about the actions of the PW, and secondly to make more offensive the character of the campaign and action in support to the PW.
In Italy, we propose to organize militant events, targeting the Indian Embassy and consulates, taking into account the actual level of our forces.

International Committee - The comrades of BGIA who manage the blog have guaranteed the translations from and into German. From 1st of February onward we have to release the book of speeches in as many languages as possible.
We should also set up to a website of the Committee with selected information to show the strength of the PW. We have to handle this problem in an systematic form. We need to continue the relationship with the BGIA and emphasize the contribution coming from each speech and message to the Conference.

International Committee to Support the People’s War in India


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