Tuesday, February 12, 2013

India - International commitee partecipate in different countries at the international actions for International Women's Day

The meeting of the International Committee to support people's war in India was held in Italy on January 19th to assess the great success of the International Conference held in Hamburg on November 24 last year.

All the forces part of the Committee attended the meeting or given their support in various forms.To them were added other participants from Spain and Brazil.
After the introducing speech and the debate, the meeting has made several decisions, in all fields of activity, that will be included in the report being prepared that will submitted internationally for the discussion, by sending directly to all the participating and interested forces. The first decisions are:

1) The issuing, within this month, the booklet of the Conference in English, Italian and Spanish, and, in the next months, relying on the forces that wish to take up this task, in French, Spanish, other languages (Turkish, Hindi, Arabic, etc..).

2) The participation of the Committee in different countries at the international initiatives for 8th March and 1st of May.

3) To promote a new militant international day of struggle, to be held within springtime, in forms coordinated with the Committee, in as many as possible countries in the world. The date will be agreed following the consultation with all the forces of the international conference.

The meeting calls all forces and the comrades to join more and more in the ranks of the International Committee under the slogans and spirit of the great International Conference of Hamburg.

International Committee to support people's war in India
January 2013

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