Thursday, May 30, 2013


Condemn the fascist Puvvar massacre!
Make success the Central Region Bandh on April 27 protesting the massacres and destruct ion perpetrated by the police, Special Commando/Grey Hounds and Ce ntral paramilitary forces of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtr a and Odisha in the Central Region!
On April 16, 2013 the AP Grey Hounds, Chhattisgarh police and CRP-CoBRA forces led by Khammam SP Ranganath and Kothagudem OSD jointly attacked the Puvvar village (Konta block, Sukma district, Chhattisgarh) on the borders of Andhra Pradesh based on information given by informers and murdered nine comrades including five women comrades belonging to North Telangana. North Te langana Special Zonal Committee member Comrade Marri Ravi  Sudhakar, Gugloth Lakshmi Pushpa (KKW DVCM), Vetti Narsakka  Sabita (Eturunagaram ACS), Durgam Ra ju (ACM), Reena (ACM), Vetti Ramakka  Urmila (ACM), Maddi Seeta Navata (DVCM guard), Madkam Bhima  Ajay (DVCM guard) and Arli Venkati Gautam (SZCM guard) were martyred in this attack.
The Central Regional Bureau is paying red homage to all these martyrs and is pledging itself to carry on their aims. Since the past few years AP Grey Hounds barged into Dandakaranya and is resorting to these kinds of massacres and destruction. After the Kanchal massacre of 2008 this is another huge massacre. Our party is severely condemning this massacre and is calling upon the people and the PLGA to resist the onslaught of the police, Grey Hounds and paramilitary forces. Since the past four months Dandakaranya, Andhra-Odisha Border Zone, North Telangana, Gondia (Maharashtra) areas are being crunched under the iron h eels of police, Grey Hounds and paramilitary forces.
Each day and from every corner one hears about the murders, fake encounters and terror unleashed by the government security forces. The Indian ruling classes that claim to be the biggest democracy in the world are resorting to unprecedented brutality on the people, particularly the Adivasis, who have been victims of the most cruel exploitation, oppression, suppression, injustice, discrimination and neglect since generations. The War on People waged in the name of Operation Green Hunt since the past four years with the aim of completely decimating the revolutionary movement with the support and aid of their imperialist masters, particularly US imperialists is intensifying with each passing day.
Within the past ten days at least 20 revolutionaries and common people were killed in the name of encounters in Dandakaranya. The police and Commando forces of various states and the central forces are conducting joint operations particularly in the border areas of Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Maharashtra states and resorting to indiscriminate encounters, massacres and destruction. Recently the top police officials of the four states conducted special meetings in Sukma of Chhattisgarh and Kataram of Karimnagar district in Andhra Pradesh and planned these attacks.
Along with increasing the usage of Air Force helicopters and UAVs, they are contemplating attacks by Air Force. On the other hand, it is on their agenda to deploy Army in the War on People by occupying the entire Maad region in the name of training. Through these attacks they are concentrating on decimating the new people’s political power system built by the people, their guerilla army and their party. Some more recent incidents too stand testimony to this.
On April 12, police suddenly attacked the people in Sindesur village (Dhanora Taluq, Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra) while they were making arrangements to feed the guerillas and shot dead two unarmed women Vasanti Kovasi and Sangita Atram along with Comrade Kailas Pankaj (ACM) and Comrade Champa Nureti (Company-4 member).
On April 4, C-60 commandos fired indiscriminately on the guerilla squad conducting a meeting with the people in Bhatpar village of Bhamragarh taluq in the same district and killed Comrade Laxman (ACM), militia members Comrades Prakash, Sudhakar, two teen ager girls named Ammi and Sunita belonging to that village.
On April 2, they attacked Konge village in Maad region (Narayanpur district, Chhattisgarh), arrested six innocent Adivasis who went to hunt in the forest an d declared that they were Naxalites with a price on their head. Before this, they resorted to loot and destruction like bandits by barging into the houses.
On March 14, the police conducted a huge attack in the forests near Kobramenda village (Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra) with the aim of annihilating the party leadership.
On March 9, a village woman named Kunjam Deve died in the firing by AP Grey Hounds near Kanchal village (Bijapur distrit) and one woman was injured. They conducted this brutal attack on them when they came to take water from a water body. Later they took the dead body of Deve and the injured woman in a helicopter, put uniforms on them and declared them naxalites.
On March 1, they fired on militia members in Mandoda village (Narayanapur district) and murdered Comrade Gudhram Nendi.
On February 24, paramilitary forces, Chhattisgarh police and STF attacked Korseli village (Bijapur district) and caught Comrade Salim (Sammi Reddy) leading an ordinary life and shot him dead near Avunar village the next day. Between February 5 and 8, hundreds of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra police and the CRPF attacked Gattakal village (Narayanpur district) in Maad division and resorted to destruction and loot.
They razed down an Ashram School run by the Krantikari Janatana Sarkar (Revolutionary People’s Committee).  On February 4, they attacked Singam and Renga m villages and gang raped the village women.  Between 21 and 23 of January, the police and the paramilitary attacked the Pidiya village near Gangalur in Bijapur district and resorted to huge destruction. They barged into the homes, looted them and later razed down twenty homes.
They razed down an Ashram School run by the Krantikari Janatana Sarkar in Doddi Tumnar village. On January 19, the police lay in wait with prior information and attacked the guerillas who were ready to move after completing a meeting with the villagers in Govindgaon (Aheri Taluq, Gadchiroli district). Comrades Shankar Lakda (DVCM), Vinod Kodopi (Aheri squad commander), Gita Kumoti (Platoon-14 deputy commander), Mohan Kovasi (deputy commander) and squad members Lebbe Gawde and Juru Mattami were martyred in this attack.
The BSF jawans fired upon guerillas while they were bathing near Bhurbhusi village (Kanker district, Chhattisgarh) and two women comrades Sanoti and Sumitra were martyred there. In the second week of January the police attack ed Nimmalagudem village on the borders of AP- Chhattisgarh and abducted two village women. They tried to kill them after making them wear uniforms. Later they were produced in the court.
The AP police continuously conducted attacks in Charla and Dummugudem area and on the border villages of Chhattisgarh, arrested hundreds of villagers and sent them to jail. They are closing down weekly markets on the borders of AP-Chhattisgarh. All the above mentioned incidents are just the tip of an iceberg. Several more incidents are taking place. They are arresting Adivasi peasants, declaring that they are Naxalites with a price on their heads, foisting false cases on them and sending them to jails.
They are pronouncing harsh punishments on them using false witnesses. The ruling classes are conducting psychological warfare too along with these suppressive attacks. They are propagating that Maoist leaders are ailing and that they are getting bed ridden and not able to work. They are conducting false propaganda that Maoist leaders are running away taking huge amounts of money with them. Through surrendered Maoists they are making foul propaganda that women are being exploited in the party and that forceful vasectomies are being conducted.
On the other hand they are repeatedly propagating the surrender policy and announcing prices on the heads. They are propagating through posters that they would give lakhs of rupees to those who run away from the movement with weapons. On the other hand, the police and paramilitary are distributing materials in the name of civic action programmes. As part of their LIC attack the oppressive governments are intensifying psychological warfare and implementing fake reforms apart from military repression.
The aim of this attack is to decimate the revolutionary movement all over the country, destroy the people’s political power developing in the various revolutionary movement areas in the country and through this to get rid of the hurdles in handing over the invaluable natural resources of our country to the MNCs and the corporate companies of the comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie. While Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram- Shinde-Jairam Ramesh ruling clique is leading this attack, the various state governments are taking part in this with coordination.
The MoUs worth lakhs of crores of rupees signed with the comprador, foreign corporate companies such as Tata, Mittal, Jindal, Essar, Al Khaima and NECO Jaiswals are not getting implemented due to the resistance of the people all over the country and as this resistance is being led by the CPI (Maoist) in several areas. That is why at present the Maoist movement became the ‘biggest threat’ in the eyes of the exploiting ruling classes. That is why the imperialists, comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the feudal classes are eager to decimate it. We are appealing to the people that they must severely oppose all the economic, political and suppressive policies of the imperialists and their running dogs the exploiting Indian ruling classes and that they must resist their mercenary police, paramilitary and military forces more determinedly in order to defend themselves, to build their future basing on their own collective efforts and to fulfill their democratic aspirations.
We are appealing to the workers-peasants, students-intellectuals, democrats and entire patriots of our country to condemn this onslaught and demand that it be stopped. We appeal to them to demand the withdrawal of the paramilitary forces that entrenched themselves in the revolutionary movement areas and a stop to the military training program. The Central Regional Bureau of our party is calling upon the people to make success the Bandh that would be conducted in the Central Region (North Telangana, Andhra-Odisha Border Region, Dandakaranya, Gondia and Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh) on April 27 protesting this onslaught. We appeal to the people to express their protest against this onslaught by closing down educational and commercial institutions, banks, railways, transport etc. (We are exempting the exams of the students and emergency services like health care from this Bandh).
Pratap, Spokesperson, CPI (Maoist) Central Regional Bureau

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