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Turkey -Berkin Elvan, 15, has died! the Child of Resistance is Immortal!

11 March 2014 
Berkin 1ISTANBUL | 11-03-2014 | Berkin Elvan, 15,  who was shot with a gas cannister shot by the police during the Gezi protests on  June 16 2013 has died  this morning in Istanbul/ Turkey. Berkin had been in a comatose state since 269 days.
Police have cracked down the gathering of hundreds of people at the hospital in support of the family. The crowd was chanting “ The murdered state will pay for this”, “Berkin Elvan is immortal” . In many cities in Turkey spontaneous protests emerge.
Berkin Elvan’s funeral will be on 12th March at the Ferikoy Cemetary at 15:00.
As the ATIK News Centre we are also sharing the statement by Partizan on Berkin Elvan (AHM)
… Your smile will be with us forever!
Berkin Elvan will live in our struggle!

Today we are very furious!
Today we are very sad!
And today we are filled with struggle!
Because after 269 days we have lost our Berkin in the early hours of the day, Berkin the name of hope.
Actually we have not lost him!
He will live on in us, his resisting heart and his childlike smile that were fighting for 296 days!
He will live on in us, as the revolutionaries who have been fighting against the unjust systems in this country and in the world with all our might and as the Gezi protestors, the Gezi protest that have set the streets on fire since  27 May 2013!
He will live on in the caravan of the immortals in our sturggle together with Mehmet, Abdocan, Ethem, Ali İsmail, Medeni and Ahmet!
He will live on in our resistance against the fascist TR state that deems repression and massacre appropriate for the Kurdish people, that killed 34 people in Roboskî and 2 in Gewer!
He will live on in the struggle against those that loot our labor and suck our blood! In the struggle against this father-son thieves and against this system of exploitation and fascism!
We will call this state to account, for the 1.5 years old Muharrem who died in Wan of illness ignored by the state, and a promise to you Berkin, who made you put you through this pain of 269 of coma, those who pulled the trigger and those who called the police heroes! We will call them to account!
This is a promiss to you Berkin!

12 March 2014 
atik-logo-arkasi-beyazATIK | 12-03-2014 | During the Gezi Park rebellion which started May 27th 2013, the 14 year old boy Berkin Elvan went to buy bread in the district Okmeydan in Istanbul and he was gunned down by the police- exactly those police who were announced „heroes“ by prime minister Erdogan- with a teargas canister and injured on the head. Since exact 269 days Berkin was in a comma and no therapy helped. Now he has also joined the Gezi Rebellion caravan of martyr’s. We want to extend our deepest condolences and pain to his family and our people.
The AKP government of the Turkish fascist state had used brutal violence against protesters at the Gezi Park, the police used chemical weapons, thousands were injured and many people still suffer today from the results of the chemical weapons. After and even during the rebellion thousands of people were arrested and hundreds have been imprisoned. The AKP government is responsible for the murder of Mehmet, Abdocan, Ethem, Ali Ismail, Medeni, Ahmet and now also Berkin. A government that suppresses the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people and that continues the oppression under the name of “Peace”, a government that wants to assimilate the Alevits and that considers them as “potential danger”, a government that uses systematic oppression policies against national minorities, a government that has misappropriated billions of US Dollars.
The resistance that started on May 27th 2013 at the Gezi Park in Taksim and that has spread into the streets, cities and provinces all over the country is not just a resistance against the destruction of the environment. This rebellion and this resistance is a sign that people fight against the violation of the fundamental rights and liberties, and they struggle against the repression of the government and the state terror practiced by the police. We call upon all Migrants and toilers in Europe to take to the streets for Berkin Elvan and to protest against corruption and plunder.
Berkin Elvan Continues to Live in Our Struggle!  

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