Friday, September 12, 2014

for debate - The United Voice of US Imperialism say No to Scottish Independence - pseudo leftists has usual agree with them

Members from both sides of the US political spectrum say a Yes vote in Scotland’s independence referendum may compromise the UK-US strategic relationship. A weakening of Washington’s top military ally and the fate of the UK’s nuclear arsenal are key.
Representative Bradley Sherman [D-CA], who has vocally opposed the prospect of Scotland breaking away from the UK, said America’s foreign policy establishment is united in its hope Scotland will remain a part of Britain.

"You will not find anyone involved in American foreign policy – from the president on down – who does not think that this division will weaken the alliance that we have," Sherman told the Telegraph on Thursday.
The US State Department has voiced its support of a Scotland that remains part of Britain, and many Democrats and Republicans have expressed hope a ‘no’ vote wins the day on September 18.
On the question of Scottish self-determination, President Barack Obama said at a G7 summit in June the US has “a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies that we will ever have, the United Kingdom, remains strong, robust, united, and an effective partner.” His stance on the issue remains unchanged, according to the deputy spokesperson for the US State Department Marie Harf.
On Tuesday, Harf referenced Scotland’s referendum as “an internal UK matter,” and was unwilling to offer any words of support for or against Scottish independence. But in a public press briefing on Wednesday, the deputy spokesperson for the US department took a firmer stance, and endorsed Obama’s position on Scotland. Harf added, however, that the issue of self-determination was a question for the Scots, and “ultimately these decisions need to be made by the people of Scotland.”


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