Monday, September 15, 2014

The Communist Blogs Network (RBC) joins ICSPWI

dear comrades
we are very glad for your internationalist decisition !


Dear Comrades,

The Communist Blogs Network (RBC) was born just a year ago in order to defend the necessity for the union of the different ideological conceptions existing within the International Communist Movement, mainly focused on the revolutionary practice. Therefore, we consider necessary to learn all
the revolutionary material from classics like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, among others, so that, following the historical and dialectical materialism, we could open the door to the unity based on the most genuine principles of the revolutionary and theoretical history of communism.

We believe that at present the Naxalite movement is the vanguard on this line, so we have discussed the possibility of  being part of  the Support Committee of People's War in India in order to promote, publish, support and learn from the revolutionary fight that our comrades of the CPI-M are been
prosecuting, in order to put an end to all exploitation and injustice and to overthrow the capitalist dictatorship and build a socialist society.

To that effect, we would like to propose our joining to the Committee, inviting all of you to tell us what steps we need to take for it.

Revolutionary regards.


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