Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Zambia- China- Brasil ... workers struggles!

Miners at KCM riot over pay
HUNDREDS of mineworkers from different companies contracted by KCM yesterday rioted in Chingola and destroyed property worth thousands of Kwacha demanding payment of salary arrears. But KCM says it has met in full all its obligations to contractors working at its mines. The workers, who operate mainly underground, refused to go to work in the early morning for their daily operations and alleged that they had not been paid by their respective companies because KCM had not released money for the works they had done for a long time now.
The protesting workers went to the main gate of the KCM plant in Chingola around 07:30 hours and later matched to the compound in Nchanga South where majority of Asian expatriates working for KCM were believed to be staying. The irate workers destroyed property worth thousands of Kwacha which included windows of vehicles that were found at the compound and windowpanes were also smashed. Riot police fired teargas to disperse the rioting miners.
Ningbo truck strike flares up again, becomes violent
Shanghai: The truckers’ strike in Ningbo has flared again, and this time the action has descended into violence. Up to 7,000 truck drivers, made up from smaller, independent trucking firms, have been campaigning for higher pay. They went on strike for one day on Monday before authorities came in promising to hike pay. With strikes and protests frowned upon by Beijing most local reports of the protest were then wiped from Chinese media the next day.
According to two freight forwarding sources in Ningbo contacted by SinoShip News today the truckers started a new round of protests today with far more people joining in. “The situation is a bit out of control now and they started to smash other trucks who continued to work,” one freight forwarder told SinoShip News. When the police intervened they were also attacked. A number of people have been arrested and there are plenty of police cars that have been smashed up too. The truckers are claiming they will continue to protest through the weekend.–becomes-violent/3w3c2982.html
Police officers are confronted with workers and students of Sao Paulo University (USP), during a strike and protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Aug. 20, 2014. The strike on the university campus began 84 days ago. The USP, the nation’s largest public university exceeded its budget and it was considering to implement a program of voluntary redundancies of approximately 3,000 workers and reductions in working hours of teachers.

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