Sunday, September 7, 2014

message from PCm Italy to PCAfghanistan maoist

Dear comrades,
with deep sadness, the Maoist Communist Party – Italy (PCm Italia) shares your grief for the death of Comrade Aziz.
We unite our hands to yours, to all the members and supporters of the Party and to the family of the deceased comrade, expressing our condolence.
A comrade who spent his life serving the people, fighting reactionaries and imperialists, resisting betrayals of revisionists and opportunists and struggling to unite MLMs in the Maoist Party, is a precious and inspiring example, not only for the people who gave him birth but for all comrades and people committed to the same struggle.
His lesson will live forever in our common struggle of proletarian revolutionaries for the world proletarian revolution and communism.

PCm Italia, CC

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