Thursday, September 18, 2014

PCIm " Prepare for the 10th Anniversary celebrations of Party Formation"

It would be ten years since the formation of CPI (Maoist) by September 21, 2014. Our CC has decided
to celebrate this occasion on a grand scale all over the country. On this occasion, we should publish special
issues of party, military and other organs. A year long new enrolment campaign should be taken up to expand
the party. Our preparations to fulfill these tasks should begin now.
We should fully utilize this occasion to place before the party, PLGA, mass organizations, RPCs and the
masses the successes and the positive and negative experiences achieved by the new party in various
spheres; the tasks before us to advance the movement and educate them.
Though our countrywide revolutionary movement is facing a critical situation, there are several differences
in the social conditions in various states and in our subjective conditions therein. So our tasks in various
states should be formulated keeping these conditions in view. Our tactics, methods of work and style of
work should also be formulated accordingly. They should be creatively implemented. Keeping in view the
changes occurring in the course of the movement and in the situation in the world and in our country, we
must make the necessary and timely changes in them. We would be able to utilize the favorable objective
conditions well by working with Bolshevik spirit and political initiative. These are very much necessary for
the preservation of subjective forces, to fight back the enemy forces and to build guerilla bases with the aim
of establishing base areas. Lack of Bolshevik spirit and political initiative would lead to deterioration of the
movement and petty bourgeois impetuosity would lead to losses. So in all the states and areas our party
committees should come to a correct assessment about the actual objective and subjective conditions and
formulate the tasks. Appropriate methods of work should be formulated and applied creatively to rally the
party, PLGA, mass organizations and the people actively in a planned manner to fulfill these tasks. Every
task should be implemented from the beginning till the end with determination and initiative. Only thus can
we overcome the critical situation in all states, areas and all over the country and create the conditions for
achieving higher and newer successes.
On the occasion of the 9th anniversary celebrations of our party formation, our CC calls upon the entire
party, PLGA, mass organizations and RPCs to work with determination to complete the above tasks to fulfill
the dreams of our beloved martyrs.
Let us Bolshevize our party so that it can efficiently wield the two basic weapons of People’s Army and
United Front and lead the revolution to victory. Let us expand and strengthen our mass base adhering firmly
to class line and mass line. Let us grasp in depth the two Marxist principles – ‘No revolution without a
revolutionary party’ and ‘People are the makers of history’. Grasping the true meaning of these guiding
principles and implementing them in practice would help us tide over the critical situation we are facing at
present. Let us raise the levels of ideological and political consciousness of the vast masses, build and
consolidate wide ranging movements and fight with determination to bring about a notable turn in our
revolutionary movement. Let us thus advance towards the fulfillment of our share of the tasks of proletarian
Celebrate the 9th anniversary of our party with revolutionary enthusiasm in all our guerilla zones and in
all areas where our party units are present. Utilize this occasion to fill the cadres and the people with the
determination to participate with spirit in the Bolshevization campaign we are taking up as the foremost task.
Let us march forward for fulfilling all our other tasks by learning from the masses. Let us remember the
selfless sacrifices of our great martyrs one more time to imbibe their ideals that would guide us in overcoming
the critical situation we are facing.
With Revolutionary Greetings
Central Committee
Date: September 1, 2013 CPI (Maoist

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