Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Comrade Pierre – indelibly in the hearts and struggles of the revolutionary masses! Revolutionary Assembly – Austria

Comrade Pierre died on the 4th of December in old age. His death left sorrow and is a great bereavement – but Comrade Pierre left great experiences and achievements, branded into the hearts of all who have struggled by his side.
Comrade Pierre is a great example of what it means to give his life to serve the revolution, always ready to serve the new, the proletarian way. As a main founding-member of the Maoist Communist Party, Pierre was a combatant and precursor of Maoism in France.
Pierres direct heritage is mirrored today in the militancy of the comrades of the Maoist Communist Party, who are well prepared for the upcoming struggles, through his consequent attitude, his enormous theoretical and practical experience!
Comrade Pierre was a tireless combatant against imperialism and fascism, always having great trust into the masses. He had shown how important it is to overcome difficulties, based on the masses and with trust in your own power. Pierres death, as Mao said, weighs heavier than the Tai mountain, because he left great combatants, which were forged under his leadership!
Comrade Pierre also was a great combatant for the proletarian internationalism, which for example is shown in his work to support the people’s war in India. Austrian revolutionaries got to know him as a Comrade, who always was putting effort to establish and to maintain international contacts and who especially supported the youth, the new Generation.
Our condolence applies to all comrades who have struggled by his side – knowing assuredly, that in the militancy of Comrade Pierre they will continue his way, making great efforts to serve the world proletarian revolution!

Our Red Salutes on the life of Comrade Pierre!
Long live the Maoist Communist Party of France!
Revolutionary Assembly – Austria
9th of December, 2017

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