Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Witch-hunt in the FRG

December 19, 2017
Today on a press conference of the police of the “Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg”, photos of 104 alleged “criminals” were published and 5 videos shown. The list of facts was: „Elbchaussee“: 5 photos of 5 persons. „G 20 Not Welcome!“: 43 photos of 13 persons. „Plünderungen“: 80 photos of 46 persons. „Stein- und Flaschenbewurf“: 32 photos of 17 persons. „Rondenbarg“: 44 photos of 25 persons.

Here is an anonymous link to the pictures of the cops:  https://anon.to/wGv9tn
The reactionary newspapers are full of these images. Below we make a comment regarding these issues:
Today the Police of Hamburg started a big scale manhunt, which denounces alleged “criminals” – which is the term of bourgeois class justice, we would say rebels.
This action obviously is not a matter of some local Police officers but a question, which is one of the
decisive topics of the class struggle of the bourgeoisie in this country. The upholding of the bourgeois dictatorship through the guarantee of absolute monopoly on violence. The considerable part of the struggles against the G20-Summit for us, and for the enemy, is the issue, that they lost control. The massive use of more than 30.000 defenders of imperialism, armed from head to toe, which, despite of 24hour shifts and the cops being driven until exhaustion, showed powerlessness to keep a relatively bad organised, but combative crowd of people in control, is the core of the problem. These days in beginning of July demonstrated the impotence of imperialism, when people unite, rise up, dare to struggle and dare to win. Because of this, now accounts have to be settled. The publishing of pictures of 104 people, in different situations, with different backgrounds, does not have the goal to impose German accuracy, but has a special role inside the struggle of revolution and conterrevolution in this country. We think, this action principally has five goals.
  1. Spread terror in the revolutionary movement in the FRG
  2. Divide the “insurgents” into good and bad protesters.
  3. Display the armed organs of repression of the imperialist state of the FRG as victims.
  4. To set a precedent, with lynch law and a wave of mass denunciation, that has its counterpart only in the Third Reich.
  5. In service to cover the deep crisis of the imperialist bourgeoisie of the FRG, especially the scandal about the anniversary of the attack on the Berlin Christmas market on the Breitscheidplatz and the unability of the German bourgeoisie to establish a new government.
Regarding the first point:
It is obvious, that the goal is: creating terror, spreading terror. Why would 104 photos be published without specifying what the prevailing suspicion is? It would be a bad joke, to believe that somebody getting a bottle out of a forced open supermarket will receive the same punishment as somebody “throwing three to four kilogram weighting stones on the head of a police officer”. But that is exactly what is happening. “Everything is the same”. Corresponding those, who do not have a thought through class standpoint, will distance themselves from the “real violent criminals” quickly. And this is how the denunciation begins.

It goes on. The composition of the pictures is not random. It is the creation of the political police. Every kind of person gets thrown together. In the hope, that those who “are weak” - in the terminology of the psyop warriors of the imperialist State – denounce the strong ones. What for? To show organisation. That is the problem of the reaction. To divide the revolutionaries from the masses. This principle is applicable to every conterrevolutionary war. Even though this is not about “civil war like conditions” (the ones claiming this have never seen a war), the reaction uses the same method, the psychological warriors of the German state know exactly, which tangents they have to play. Drunk punks, people burning cars, organised revolutionaries, masses in general and all kinds of people are getting lumped together, so “the left”, meaning revisionist and opportunist parties, organisations and groups can start distancing themselves. The struggling masses are getting divided in good and bad. The “looters” and the “car burners” and the “protesters/activists” are to be played off against each other. Because “it can not be that this was class war”. The role of revisionism is clear: germannational groups like the so called Jugendwiderstand and others of the same kind distanced themselves from the struggles of the masses for months. And this is to be driven further. There shall not be a solidarity with the struggling masses. It is to be divided in “correct” and “incorrect” rebels. This can only be done by petty bourgeois pedants. The struggling masses sent a different message. We find it is more than necessary to repeat: “We wont be divided! We are against you, your State, and everything you represent!”

What has to be the attitude of revolutionaries? First of all: don't fall into the game of the reaction. Keep calm. And: don't put the head in the sand like an ostrich, but unite with the masses even more. Only the one that is only thinking of himself can get panicked. Only the one forgetting why the struggles against the G20 took place can get panicked. Yes, people stood up. Yes, people broke the bourgeois law. For the simple reason that everything the G20 represent is reaction, plunder, genocide, war and eviction. It was and is justified.

This is getting more obvious, when one is watching the movies of the “poor German police officers”. How many of them got burned alive by now? We have Oury Jalloh, who do you have? You want to talk about victims? The German reaction is only able to cut together a few seconds of images out of the timespan of one week (and not 3 days, as some tourist always claim), which is supposed to show that they were victims. We should pity them? They wear body armour, firearms and enter the fight to defend the German imperialism. And we should pity them? For sure. Their videos naturally spur on the hate of the petty bourgeoisie. The good German subject of course instantly raises his voice, as the one standing in mud and saluting his emperor.1

Regarding the fourth point. They create a precedent. The mass denunciation should be used against peoples uprisings from now on. The whole army of police officers, defenders of the constitution2, intelligence agencies, lackeys and secret police in general are not enough to arrest a few shoplifters? Now an old tradition is reintroduced as a new one. The tradition of denunciation. The neighbour is able again to say: “I know him, he is one of the reds!” what maybe was longed to by the “German peoples soul”. “I know who that is, I have to denounce him. That is how I serve my master.”. That is supposed to be the melody, that is supposed to be the “modernity of the 21st century”. Snitching, treason. The negation of every human dignity. That is, what is to be imposed here. When it is possible to hang a drunk “shoplifter” in every media of the country, why not somebody throwing a stone? Or just resists to be arrested?
Even the bourgeois media writes on this topic “This presentation of real or alleged accused doesn’t have anything to do with a wanted poster. It is the broad call to the population, to play deputy sheriff. It is the call to hunt a multitude of people, whose acts or participation on acts is completely unsolved.
This kind of manhunt exceeds what §131b of the criminal procedure allows by far. The investigators expand this paragraph to unrecognisably. They don’t differentiate between accused and not accused. This form of internet-pillory is against the law. The end does not justify the means. This also applies to the excesses at the G20-Summit.”

5. The imperialist bourgeoisie of the FRG is in a deep political crisis. They never had a problem with setting up a government since the founding of the FRG, the continuer State of the Third Reich. They just cannot continue as before, without having to bear severe consequences. The focus is now put on “leftist hooligans / leftist terrorists” instead of the problem of setting up a government. And especially the timing of the press conference of the cops in Hamburg is unbelievably well chosen with the debacle and the scandal connected to the attack of the Christmas market in Berlin one year ago. It appears to be pure coincidence, that this happens on the anniversary of the mentioned, as the “Abendblatt” just explained.  The moment the chancellor is to meet the victims of the attack, this press conference appears. That means: the public opinion should focus upon something different as how the merkel government furthered the so called attack in one aspect after the other. Let us remember Lenin, who teaches us, that there is no coincidence in politics. Especially now, where it is about closing the ranks of CDU and SPD, the state of Hamburg, in good grip of the SPD, raises its voice.
So. What is to be done?
The most important thing is: nobody should panic. The reason of the action of the police is: a) impose fear into the people, so they think the easiest way is to report yourself to the police. b) that people panic and start calling friends, sending emails, texts or whatsapp messages. What shows how the system works. Meaning, that is exactly what one should not do. If the cops would have a case, they would not start this kind of manhunt. They would have smashed the door of the apartments already. The cops don’t have anything. That is why they do this. What they want in the first place is that people report themselves and additionally start talking. And there the famous sentence of the Yankee TV shows does not apply “everything you say can and will be used against you”, but only one thing: “everything you say will be used against you and your comrades!”. Every single one who believes to be only talking about himself, is not only a snitch against himself, but against everybody else. Everybody who is brought to court for the struggles against the G20 is not there because of their personality. They are there because they opposed this State. Accordingly they will be treated.

The first thing, we repeat: everybody should keep a cool head. Besides, of course every revolutionary should always apply general measures. Meaning, do not let anything, that can be connected to a revolutionary struggle, be it notes, materials, etc., get into the hands of the class enemy. Good advices are also found online. We recommend to read a few texts (pdf download).

Coming to an end, we think it is important to emphasize, that this big manhunt of the German imperialist state is one thing in particular: an expression of its weakness. Of its humiliating defeat in July 2017. They think they can hunt people. They think they can get revenge. But we have a different understanding. And we know, in the end, we will win.

So to conclude, we want to express our feelings on this day with a cultural piece in a language many people can understand.

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