Sunday, December 24, 2017

USA - Ready or Not: now is the time to eradicate fascism! Queen City Maoist Collective

Fascists under the guise of “anti-communism” have discussed plans to come to the December 28th at Marshall Park.
This is in the wake of an emboldened fascist movement across the country, which is due to the crisis of decaying imperialism. Fascists have started doing protest-type actions ranging from another torch lit rally in Charlottesville to a banner drop of Vanguard America’s slogan “Blood and Soil” at an anarchist book-fair in Houston, to a “White Lives Matter” protest in Shelbyville, TN—these fascists are increasingly on the offensive. If we don’t hit them, they won’t fall! If we don’t deny fascists a platform and organize them out of power they will continue to breed, but we will not allow this to happen.
There have been conflicting reports about the status of their rally. The original “anti-com” page has stated that the rally has been cancelled due to “safety concerns.”
A little later in the thread, an account called @anticomskrrt said the rally wasn’t cancelled but moved from Marshall Park and to stay tuned.
Regardless of what they say, we need to be prepared at the highest level. Whether the enemy shows up or not, we cannot let our every action be determined by them.
Fascists have a track record of attacking when our side is least prepared. As anti-fascists in an imperialist country, where imperialism is resorting to its most chauvinist element: fascism, preparation is vital. Lack of preparation in these times leads to the loss of lives. Fascists, by the virtue of their existence, directly endanger Black, Brown and Jewish people. Because communism is the only real threat to fascism, communists are also a target of fascist violence. Therefore, fascists have tried to disguise this march as a “march against communism”. We must defend communism in the face of this attack.
The death of martyrs shouldn’t be merely a source of inspiration, but a wake-up call for all antifascists. Heather Heyer is immortal. She was killed by fascist terrorists; her death must not go in vain. Martyrdom is a fact of making revolution, we have lost Norman Bethune, Edith Lagos, Justin Carr and countless others – they too, like Heather Heyer, are immortal. The bourgeoisie and fascists are after us, to see the revolution through, we need a strong and fighting force to destroy fascism with the highest level of preparation.
“Civilize the mind and make savage the body.”
Even if the official twitter has said that they won’t be in Marshall Park anymore, we should not be deceived so easily.

We must understand why there is fascism and how we fight it.

“We revolutionaries and communists must not let ourselves be surprised by fascism, knowing that the repression, the counterrevolutionary violence and the negation of democratic rights are not exceptions, but are inevitable and inherent in imperialism…. What must be done is to combat the class dictatorship of the exploiting classes with people’s war as the main form of struggle. All the experience of the world proletarian revolution shows us that we must reject and crush the idea of only “using legal and peaceful methods” until the enemy starts to apply fascism, i.e. until the moment when it is no longer possible.” (On Fascism—Reaction All Along the Line, Red Sun/Sol Rojo #36)
Whether these nazis show up ready or not, now is the time to eradicate fascism. Humanity doesn’t have any other choice. In the US, anti-fascists have historically tailed Nazis, following them at every step. While deplatforming them is necessary, as Maoists we must utilize our understanding of contradictions to analyze the situation at hand.
“When imperialism is threatened it responds with fascism, the contradictory and antagonistic opposite of communism.” 
Today, we see the imperialists have lost their hold on global domination. Though the rise of fascism is created by the bourgeoisie, it needs a mass base to continue to grow.  Many in the white working class have resorted to fascism as a relative reprieve to the issues they face, out of a fear of losing what was once supposedly theirs.  RGA sums up how imperialism in its most reactionary stage recruits a mass base:
“In a reverse of the Maoist method, it seeks to consolidate the backward, win over the intermediate, and isolate (or exterminate through genocide) the advanced. It consistently frames itself in plain talk, where it appears to shoot from the hip, and it  aims right at the frustrations of the largest sections of the working class and appeals to their short-term interests. It is no good for them, but just like drugs it does, on the surface, seem to solve problems and (very) temporarily cause them to feel better, and like drugs it comes at the expense of others.” (RGA)
Maoism knows the issues that most fascists are indignant about are a result of capitalist exploitation. Here we have a major contradiction: imperialism in decay has resorted to the development of fascism. Fascists attempt to penetrate the white working class by prodding deeply at their anxieties (the opiate crisis, the contradiction of rural and city life in white flight areas, etc.)  and providing solutions that will, supposedly, remedy these ailments at the expense of all those who oppose these solutions. The sharpening of the contradiction between the proletariat and bourgeoisie leads to a sharpening of contradictions within the proletariat, between the white members and the oppressed nations members of the working class. The frustrations that lead many white workers into the arms of the fascists are the same issues communists should be agitating around. Liberals will scoff at any talk of defending the white working class, but communists cannot resort to identity politics and must correct incorrect ideas amongst white workers.
Liberals will ambulance chase and attempt to de-platform Nazis wherever they go—which as stated above is a crucial tactic but only one part of resolving the contradiction of decaying imperialism. We must leverage contradictions to qualitatively resolve the issue of emergent fascism, to develop more revolutionaries for our side, because the only real solution to ending the rise of fascism is socialism. White working-class neighborhoods must become bastions of anti-fascism, not a breeding ground for white supremacy. A mass-based antifascism includes de-platforming and organizing the white working class for revolution—in these times this is the bare minimum for any true anti-fascism.
That must be our goal in calling all antifascists to Charlotte on December 28th. Right now, communists and revolutionaries are losing the fight against fascism. The ruling class and fascists fear a strong revolutionary communist movement. So, we must build it! No amount of voting, sloganeering, protesting alone can defeat it – only the masses armed with guns and the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism can swiftly, brutally crush imperialism and emergent fascism. We must be among the masses to turn the crises of the ruling class on their heads, and with communist leadership, show that fascism can be defeated.

Only with communist leadership can we defeat fascism!
Anti-fascists come to Charlotte on December 28th!  
Preparation cannot be sidelined!
No Nazis in Charlotte!
— Queen City Maoist Collective

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