Friday, December 15, 2017

GERMANY: Repression is going on

new epoch

December 14, 2017
Since the huge protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg revolutionary and democratic people are facing intensified repression in Germany. German imperialism wants to show its power so it uses more and more repressive policy.

One of this repressive acts was the shut down of the left media page, which was an direct answer to the anti G20 protests. Also the political prisoner Fabio, a young activist from Italy which got imprisoned in the anti-G20 protests on the 7th of July is still in prison, without any prove for a crime. Now on the 5th of December, 500 cops stored 23 flats of suspected left people, even though G20 is almost half a year past.

Some people might get intimidated by this repression, which is for sure part of what they want, but the repression shows also an other side. The ruling class of Germany knows, that there is more and more resistance against its imperialist policies. Even more than 30.000 policemen and special police forces could not hinder the hundred-thousands of protesters to express their rebellion against G20. With all the repression the ruling class is using now, they want to hide their weakness but in fact they show, “we are invincible”.

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