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Philippines - Resist the Fascist US-Duterte Regime,.. and other texts

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) is one with the Filipino people in celebrating with utmost joy the 49th anniversary of the reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on December 26, 1968. We congratulate all Party cadres and members for tirelessly working to advance Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and valiantly taking on the task of leading the national democratic revolution towards its socialist future. We also take this occasion to honor all our martyrs who selflessly offered their lives for the revolution and the Filipino people.
After its historic 2nd National Congress in 2016, the Party continued to correctly lead the revolutionary movement and the people in facing the chronic semifeudal and semicolonial social crisis in the first year of the US-Duterte regime. The Party most creatively dealt with the dualism of Duterte, whose ‘change is coming’ mantra almost quickly plunged the nation towards its wars of death and destruction, and an economic crisis far worse than ever before.
After he claimed to be ‘leftist’ and ‘socialist’ and claimed intent to enforce an independent foreign policy, Duterte tore away his mask of pretense as he kowtowed to the dictates of his master US President Donald Trump, revealing his true character as a puppet of US imperialism.
From the start however, he was already an avowed implementer of neoliberal policies, ensuring profits for the business interests of big bourgeois compradors and foreign monopoly capitalists. The US-Duterte regime imposed such brazen, anti-people and deceptive policies as the multi-billion ‘Build, Build, Build’ program, which will further drown the country in debt. A debt that will further burden the people in their entire lifetime under this system. The newly-signed tax reform law will further burden the people with more taxes imposed on basic commodities and services. And, the imposition of other measures in line with liberalization, privatization, deregulation, and denationalization are all detrimental to the nation’s welfare.

The US-Duterte regime’s ‘change’ turned the economy for the worse and increased the suffering of the Filipino people: poverty rate increased, incidence of hunger rose, unemployment and underemployment shot up to new levels; the dearth of and disregard for social services, especially health and education, continue unabated; land grabbing and deprivation became more widespread and the displacement of peoples is at an all-time high.
To mitigate the worsening crisis, Duterte could only do nothing but placate the increasingly frustrated Filipino masses with chump change, which is a mere pittance and can never adequately respond to the people’s needs. Numerous victims of previous calamities have not even been completely supported and rehabilitated by the reactionary government, and many among them, if not all, remain suffering under deplorable conditions.
In Mindanao, the US-Duterte regime let loose upon the people the full-force of its triple wars of death and destruction.
First, Duterte set off on a rampage against the Bangsamoro and the people of Mindanao by declaring Martial Law, using the ‘ISIS terrorist’ bogey as a pretext to justify his destructive attack against Marawi City. Duterte’s AFP/PNP is responsible for Marawi City’s complete and utter devastation, which deprived thousands of its Bangsamoro residents of their homes and livelihood through incessant airstrikes, shelling, mortar fire and ground assault. The people of Marawi City are set to suffer a great deal more because, apart from the fact that it will take years to rehabilitate the city, large portions of the area have already been guaranteed by Duterte to serve the interests of both local and foreign big business as well as of the US Armed Forces for the establishment of a new military base. Despite the bogus ‘liberation’ of Marawi City and the uninterrupted attacks against other Bangsamoro communities in Mindanao, the armed resistance of the Moro people will rise even stronger as they continue the fight for their genuine right to self-determination.
After razing Marawi to the ground, Duterte was quick to tag both the CPP and the NPA as ‘terrorist organizations’ to justify the extension of martial law until 2018 and beyond, serving as a springboard for imposing his tyranny on the entire nation.
Second, the US-Duterte regime has launched Oplan Kapayapaan against the revolutionary movement and the people of Mindanao, a bloody all-out war that utilizes the worst and most dreaded features of past military campaigns of suppression and encirclement (Oplans Lambat-Bitag, Bantay Laya 1 and 2, Bayanihan). Apart from the AFP’s direct troop assault against many hinterland communities in the island, military operations are also reinforced by airstrikes from jet fighters, attack helicopters and armed drones.
Certain drones used by AFP units in their operations are capable of releasing deadly rockets or missiles day or night, terrorizing numerous peasant, Lumad and Bangsamoro communities, including schools and other structures where civilians congregate. The countryside is literally shoved into the throes of death, resulting in the massive evacuation of whole Lumad and Bangsamoro communities from their ancestral lands.
With martial law extended and a ‘shoot to kill’ order against all Red fighters, Duterte has virtually disregarded all international protocols and rules of engagement, and directed the AFP to literally go on a bloody killing-spree, even against those whom they only suspect as working with the revolutionary movement, with complete impunity.
Third, in Duterte’s so-called ‘war against drugs’, not only has the PNP and their death squads perpetrated the mass murder of suspected small-time drug peddlers and users, but it has also included among its targets leaders and members of legitimate progressive organizations, which in Mindanao, has already taken the lives of hundreds. The regime also activated its legal offensive through the PNP-AFP Inter-Agency Committee on Legal Action (IALAC) in the filing of trumped up charges against mass leaders and activists. It has also bolstered its propaganda offensive that spread vile forms of vilification in social media, peddling lies and fake news against the revolutionary movement and the progressives.
With the correct guidance of the Party however, the revolutionary movement and the struggling masses were able to counteract against the snare lain by Duterte to have the revolutionary movement stoop down to its wiles.
Under the absolute leadership of the Communist Party, the New People’s Army is ever more ready to face the full-scale war that will further intensify in 2018 and beyond. The number of tactical offensives (TOs) launched by NPA units in the whole of Mindanao since January this year reached nearly a thousand military actions. The NPA in the Southern Mindanao region (SMR) launched more than 300 tactical offensives; the North Eastern Mindanao region, with more than 180; the North Central Mindanao region with over 200; the Far Southern Mindanao region with more than 100; and the Western Mindanao region with more or less 80 tactical offensives. There were a few well-chosen and well-executed head blows as wells as numerous attritive actions against operating enemy troops, military camps and police outposts, making them suffer a casualty rate of more than a battalion. NPA units in Mindanao were able to confiscate high-powered firearms from enemy forces that could equip a battalion of Red fighters.
Despite the use of airstrikes, armed drones and prolonged focus operations, not one single NPA unit in Mindanao was wiped out. The number of platoons and companies have in fact increased this year. In spite of the constant black propaganda, bogus peace caravans and the incessant parade of fake or recycled surrenderees, NPA Red commanders and fighters never faltered; ever willing to sacrifice their lives for the revolution and the people than be servile to the fascist dictatorship of the US-Duterte regime.
NPA units in Mindanao maintained a forward-looking and offensive posture in facing an AFP military campaign gone berserk and were able to sustain a high morale in its commitment to serve and defend the masses. Daring NPA units were able to sanction banana plantations that greatly exploit and oppress workers, peasants and Lumad and destroy the environment, set up ambuscades and attritive actions against operating AFP troops, and arrested erring elements of the PNP and accorded them the proper treatment for prisoners of war (POWs). Every minute, NPA units made certain that they are ready for battles, using every encounter as an object lesson to improve on strategy, tactics and technique to annihilate the enemy and punish the most rabid killers of the US-Duterte regime.
Under the absolute leadership of the CPP, the NPA continues to have a firm grasp of the basic principles of MLM in undertaking its tasks for the revolutionary movement. To ensure this, several batches of Red fighters in various NPA units in Mindanao were able to finish this year the Basic Party Course (BPC), which outlines and discusses the fundamental principles of MLM and of the national democratic revolution.
Meanwhile, majority of Red commanders and political officers either completed or were instructors of the Intermediate Party Course (IPC), which gave a more comprehensive survey of the three main weapons of the people’s democratic revolution – the Party, armed struggle and the united front. Furthermore, there were regional committees in Mindanao that have successfully held in not more than 15 days the Advanced Party Course (APC), which outlines a deeper articulation of MLM and the country’s socialist and the world’s communist future.
As the people’s war in Mindanao continue to develop comprehensively, Party members in people’s governments and among revolutionary mass organizations, have taken an active leading role in launching agrarian revolution and realizing for hundreds of thousands of people through well-organized mass struggles, the implementation of the minimum program and, in few select areas where it is possible, the maximum program of agrarian revolution.
Consequently, this has led to the further consolidation of various organs of political power of the people despite the constant and brutal attacks of the AFP in the countryside. The masses have launched anti-feudal, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist mass struggles and campaigns. As a dialectical result, thousands of masses have been recruited as Party members.
The peace negotiations between the NDFP and the GRP that ran for several months was handled adeptly, which made it possible to finish the 4th round of talks and was about to begin the 5th round, until it was unilaterally stopped on its tracks by Duterte and his terror proclamation. Clearly, the US-Duterte regime sabotaged the peace talks, revealing its utter contempt for peace and total disregard for genuine socio-economic reforms.
Despite this, however, the NDFP, as the representative of the entire revolutionary forces, expressed its willingness to resume with the talks. It will never, on other hand, submit itself to talks of capitulation. To further prove the revolutionary movement’s seriousness in supporting the talks, the NPA in Mindanao has undertaken the orderly and safe release of more than 20 prisoners of war (POWs) since January this year.
Given these resounding achievements of the revolutionary movement under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the NDFP-Mindanao calls upon all revolutionary forces and the struggling masses to redouble efforts in undertaking our basic ideological, political and organizational tasks to advance the people’s democratic revolution until complete victory.
We must never shirk from our revolutionary responsibilities and face, head-on and without fear, any sacrifice we may encounter along the way in the performance of our tasks and duties, especially before the intensifying attacks of the fascist US-Duterte regime.
It is imperative that we must take the lead in uniting the people in an anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal united front, deliver wave upon wave of militant protests that will gather people from various oppressed and exploited classes and sectors, including the middle classes and the enlightened gentry, by the hundreds of thousands and lead the overthrow of the US-Duterte regime.
The NDFP-Mindanao calls on the NPA to launch more and more tactical offensives, combining multiple attritive actions with well-chosen and well-planned annihilative blows against the fascist AFP/PNP/paramilitary troops. The NPA must be determined to bring the people’s war to new heights!
Long live the 49th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines!
Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution with a socialist perspective!
Ka Joaquin Jacinto

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines-North Eastern Mindanao Region (NDFP-NEMR) joins all revolutionary forces in the region in joyful celebration of the 49th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On this occasion we proudly salute the outstanding leadership of the CPP of the Philippine revolution.
As we celebrate the anniversary, we give tribute to all the cadres and members of the Party, Red commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA), all revolutionaries and activists, for their readiness to sacrifice in the struggle against the fascist oppression of the US-Duterte regime. Let us render our high salute to all revolutionary martyrs for selflessly offering their lives, time and wisdom in order to fully serve the people and the revolution.
Through the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), the Party wisely guided the revolutionary forces towards the achievement of victories and advanced the revolution in the right path. It correctly analyzed current conditions and appropriately dealt with the destructive attacks of the reactionary US-Duterte regime.
I. Fascist attack of the the AFP/PNP against the people and revolutionaries of NEMR
The continuing subservience of the puppet and fascist US-Duterte regime to the policies of US imperialism in the economic, political and military fronts further plunged Philippine society to severe crisis. The rotting semicolonial and semifeudal system engendered grave poverty, crime, war, corruption, oppression and exploitation. Duterte’s promises such as ending contractualization, land reform, independent foreign policy and others, remain unfulfilled.
Despite becoming the center of mining in the Philippines and the presence of large plantations of banana, oil palm and rubber, the region remains the second poorest in the country. Many are underemployed or unemployed. Contractualization remains rampant in malls, factories, plantations and mines. Not less than 3,000 workers were laid-off from employment by companies this year. The urban poor and vendors are being deprived of their livelihood. Thousands of drivers and operators are being threatened of losing their livelihood because of the jeepney phase-out.
Countless farmers remain landless. They continue to be victims of feudal and semifeudal exploitation such as high land rent, high interest rates of loans and low prices for their products. The grabbing of ancestral lands from the Lumad and farmlands from peasants continue due to the expansion of plantations and mines. They were the most brutally victimized with grave human rights violations committed by the Armed Forces of the Philippines/Philippine National Police (AFP/PNP) resulting from sustained military operations.
With Oplan Kapayapaan, the extension of martial law in Mindanao and the terrorist declaration of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA), the US-Duterte regime started an all out war against the NPA, revolutionaries, progressives and democratic forces, farmers and Lumad. Fantasizing to crush the NPA by the year 2018, the AFP/PNP launched massive and sustained operations supported by arsenals for bombing, shelling, and surveillance and attack drones which resulted to military abuses and evacuations of thousands of Lumad and farmers in the region.
These were combined with community organizing for peace and development (COPD), productions of sham peace caravans and fake surrenderees under the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) and fake propaganda. Rank promotions and funds for plunder were the primary reasons for the surrender programs and livelihood projects of the ambitious officials of the AFP/PNP.
Countless became victims of political killings, arrests and trumped-up charges committed by AFP/PNP personnel against the leaders and members of progressive organizations. There were incidents of staffing of houses and shooting of farmers chanced upon in their farms by AFP forces.
The AFP attempted to destroy Lumad schools and communities by maliciously linking them to armed struggle. The Lumad were threatened with bombing of schools and communities. The AFP filed trumped-up charges against their teachers to force them to abandon the schools. During military operations, the AFP instantly targeted the communities and schools under the guise of looking for Red fighters, prompting the forcible evacuation of the Lumad. The military limited the entry of food to hungry evacuees. In actuality, the AFP wants to destroy the Lumad communities to pave the way for the entry of capitalist mining and plantations in ancestral lands which the Lumad have been opposing.
The police and military has intensified its repression of those living in the countryside by openly preventing them from joining mobilizations in the cities. They were delayed at the checkpoints, required to show IDs and investigated. Several members of progressive organizations were threatened and told to stop joining organizations.
Despite evident fascist repression, oppression, harassment and killings, the AFP/PNP tried to cover up the actual situation to show that the region was peaceful under martial law in Mindanao.
II. Amidst the utterly fascist brutality, the people’s struggle and the revolution in NEMR continue to advance
The declaration of the US-Duterte regime of completely ending the peace talks, tagging the CPP-NPA as “terrorists”, issuing a shot to kill order against NPA members, arresting CPP members and NDFP consultants, and focusing its attacks against the NPA under its extended martial law in Mindanao, are but desperate attempts of the regime in the face of the people’s escalating discontent of the gravely rotten ruling system. This is Duterte’s ambitious attempt to force revolutionaries, progressive forces and the Filipino people to kneel down to fascist rule and the establishment of a dictatorship.
The CPP and NPA are revolutionaries and not terrorists. The CPP has gained high prestige because of his successful leadership in advancing the Philippine revolution for 49 years. Together with the NPA and NDFP it gained support from the people because of its determination to struggle for the just demands of the Filipino people such as genuine land reform, national sovereignty, national industrialization and others. Because the war being waged by the NPA under the absolute leadership of the CPP is just, from being small and weak, it increased and overcame the destructive military campaigns of the AFP since the time of the US-Marcos dictatorship until the present.
History has proven that under the leadership of the CPP-MLM, true revolutionaries and communists will never surrender to the enemy of the people. It is ever at a ready to choose death in the persevering struggle to advance the interests and welfare of the people instead of bowing down to the oppressive reactionary government such as the fascist criminal US-Duterte regime.
In NEMR, the correct leadership of the CPP has been proven. It has successfully advanced the revolution in all fronts amidst sustained fascist attacks under Oplan Kapayapaan.
Studies on Basic and Intermediate Party Courses were successfully conducted. MLM principles and victory of the revolution were learned and gained. It effectively facilitated the molding of ideas among revolutionaries towards the proletarian standpoint, viewpoint and method. It has strengthened their capabilities to fully serve the people and the revolution, and determination to persevere with the struggle to achieve a free and just socialist society.
The NPA-NEMR successfully seized the initiative to advance the people’s war by launching armed struggle, establishing mass base and implementing agrarian revolution. It fulfilled the call of the Central Committee of the CPP and the National Operational Command of the NPA to launch tactical offensives against the worsening fascism of the Duterte regime and its puppetry to US imperialism. The region contributed to the advance of armed struggle in the country.
The NPA continue to be positioned in strategic areas in the region favorable for the advance of the people’s war. The NPA were not prevented from further expansion and consolidation of mass bases through painstaking arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses in the barrios especially by the highway, lowland, coastal areas and town centers or cities. These areas operated served as wellspring, an endless source of NPA Red fighters.
Within one year, the NPA-NEMR launched 180 military actions in defense and as counter-attacks against AFP/PNP troop offensives and to sanction companies that did not respect the people’s government and were destroying the environment and livelihood of the people. The NPA showed impressive bravery that delivered 147 casualties to the fascist troops. The NPA captured one (1) member of the 29th IB, two (2) from the PNP and several CAFGU members who were all treated as prisoners of war (POW). The Red fighters successfully demolished a COPD unit by attacking its camp in the center of the barrio.
In these military actions, the NPA seized weapons enough to equip a new platoon. Not a single NPA-NEMR formation was destroyed by the enemy. On the other hand, eleven (11) Red fighters valiantly sacrificed their lives in battle.
The COPD and enemy attacks never stopped the peasantry from launching reasonable demands in line with the program for agrarian revolution. The struggle for higher wages of agricultural workers continued. The victories attained that decreased rent of land and farming equipment, and lowered the high interest rate of loans or usury, were sustained. Farmers who benefitted from the revolutionary land distribution continue to cultivate. They maintained their collective farming and exchange of labor to develop and expand farms.
Furthermore, the NPA continued to deliver social services to the people in the countryside such as free medical services, maintained peace and order, helped improve livelihoods and farming and others. In the barrios where the NPA operate, the people are free from illegal drugs, theft, gambling and other crimes.
Because of these, widespread support was established among the masses who actively implemented measures that rendered the enemy blind and deaf. The People’s Militias actively join tactical offensives to confront attacking AFP forces.
On the other hand, the people in the region bravely stood firm to assert their rights and welfare. The people launched various mobilizations in the cities to expose and oppose Duterte’s devious and fascist move to establish a dictatorial rule.
In the attempt to defeat the people’s struggle, the US-Duterte regime fueled an outpouring of resistance from the Filipino people against fascist attacks. This will end his dictatorial rule. It was Duterte himself who exposed to the world that his government is anti-nationalist, anti-masses and anti-democratic, that in the end, it is a terrorist state.
III. Efforts to further advance the people’s war in NEMR and frustrate the all out fascist war of the US-Duterte regime
History has proven that a united armed resistance and powerful people’s revolt will defeat the overt oppression and exploitation of a brutal rule.
To frustrate Duterte’s selfish aspiration for dictatorial rule, defeat counter-revolutionary offensives of the AFP/PNP, and contribute more to the advance of the people’s war in the country, we must do the following:
We need to consciously implement the ideological tasks of Party members, NPA, and revolutionary mass organizations to constantly raise the understanding of MLM in its application to the Philippine revolution. Sharpen the understanding of the national and international situations especially on the phase of worsening capitalist crisis and the chronic semicolonial and semicolonial system.
The NPA-NEMR must persistently launch numerous successful tactical offensives based on the ever widening and deepening mass base. Deliver overwhelming strikes against fascist troops. Increase recruitment to the NPA and form additional platoons.
We should persistently arouse, organize and mobilize all classes and sectors of the people in the countryside and cities to establish a wide and strong mass base. Form a powerful force that will strongly resist and frustrate the fascist terrorism of the US-Duterte regime.
We should launch bigger mass struggles that promote and defend rights, welfare and demands. Launch widespread struggles for the program for agrarian revolution, national industrialization and national sovereignty.
Unite and build cooperation with nationalist and patriotic organizations, personalities, businessmen, government officials, soldiers and policemen that will expose the anti-nationalist, anti-democratic moves of Duterte.
Promote and intensify propaganda work to constantly unite the masses and the people. Raise their political consciousness especially about the enemy, to consolidate the determination of the masses in advancing the revolution.
Long live the CPP on its 49th anniversary!
Ka Maria Malaya

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