Wednesday, December 27, 2017

USA - Solidarity with The Antifascists of Charlotte, North Carolina! - Red Guards Pittsburgh·

Red Guards Pittsburgh sends revolutionary greetings to the antifascist forces organizing against the threat of a fascist and explicitly anti-communist demonstration in Charlotte on the 28th of December.
We send revolutionary greetings to Queen City Maoist Collective who, with their allies, has taken the lead in organizing the militant response to this dire threat to the proletariat and the oppressed and exploited masses of Charlotte and, indeed, the world.
The vile organizers of the Dec 28th rally in Charlotte are linked with those who organized the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally at which antifascist Heather Heyer was martyred by the fascist enemy.
While part of fascism’s power is its ability to obscure, twist, and parasitize from any ideological ground, thus sometimes--dangerously--making it seem absurd and unworthy of serious confrontation, another part of fascism’s power is its correct assertion of communism as the main threat to its ascendancy.
There is special significance to the fact that this rally on December 28th is an “anticommunist” rally. It shows first that the enemy recognizes us as a threat of the first magnitude, which is a good thing. It shows second that we as communists are in a battle with fascists and revisionists, too, for the hearts of the masses. We must not, as the liberals do, underestimate the threat fascism represents. We must not mislead and beguile the masses. We must confront and crush fascists wherever they raise their heads.
While organizers of the Dec 28th rally have claimed the rally is cancelled, and specific fascist groups have pulled their support or promise of attendance from the rally, we know the brave antifascist fighters in Charlotte will show up, will show up for the people!
If there is even a slight chance of organized fascist presence, we who would lead and teach the masses must be there participating in and leading community self-defense, among the masses who, contrary to what the liberals and neo-mensheviks will tell you, are already rearing for a fight with the fascists.
Solidarity to our comrades in Queen City Maoist Collective!
Solidarity to all the antifascists of Charlotte! Revolutionary greetings to the brave fighting masses!
If we do not hit it, it will not fall!
— Red Guards Pittsburgh 

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