Wednesday, December 27, 2017

USA - Stand With Maoists and Anti-Fascists in Charlotte! Kansas City Revolutionary Collective

In recent years, we have witnessed a resurgence of an emboldened fascist movement all across the globe. They have taken on many names and faces. They have rallied against Islam and immigrants, in support of police violence, and to defend symbols of white supremacy. In Charlotte, NC this week, they planned to gather under the banner of “anti-communism.” Anti-communism is a reasonable position for the fascists to take. We have been their staunch and militant enemy from the start and that tradition continues to this day. When the fascists announced that they planned to hold this assembly on December 28th, in Marshall Park, antifascists in Charlotte and surrounding areas prepared to meet the vermin. They were prepared to stand for communism in the wake of the rally, and to stand with the masses against their enemy. Maoists in Charlotte understand that part of serving the people means working to crush fascism.
In the wake of this opposition, the fascist cowards announced that they were cancelling their rally. If they are telling the truth, this is a victory for Charlotte and the communists and other antifascists in the city. They have created an environment in which the fascists are afraid to show their faces. They have revealed the cowardly and opportunistic nature of the enemy.
But the fascists are not to be trusted and our comrades in Charlotte know this. More than once, fascists have lied or obscured their plans to avoid the threat of violent resistance from antifascists. That is why antifascists in Charlotte plan to gather regardless. The fascists will not have the luxury of sneaking in quietly and unopposed. The communist threat that they were prepared to march against will be there to meet them.
Communism is alive and well, even in the belly of the beast. It remains the true ideology and best hope of the proletariat, and the direst threat to fascism in all its forms. Kansas City Revolutionary Collective stands in solidarity with the antifascists ready to take to the streets in Charlotte – to the Queen City Maoist Collective and the many other antifascist groups and individuals – as they rally with the masses against the enemy.

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