Sunday, December 10, 2017

for Pierre - new hommage from Tunisia

The maoist communist movement in France and in the world lost the 1st December 2017 one of its leaders, who is the comarade Pierre , at age of 80, a member of the leading body of the french Communist maoist Party. Comrade Pierre was proletarian, he knew the communism in the uprising of may 1968 and held since the beginning the revolutionary maoist theory. He was known of his determinated activity with the proletarians, farmers, youth and women, also defending the rights of workers in and outside France. He supported the masses in the creative implementation of the logo "like a fish in the water". He had a remarkable influence on the reconstruction of the international communist movement and tide its relationship with the maoist communist parties and organizations all over the world . Pierre, was always full of confidence about the future and did never bow during a half-century of fighting the revisionist currents that affected the international communist movement. And today , here we are saying goodbye but his memory will stay alive pushing the maoist militants in France and in other countries towards the revolution.

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