Tuesday, March 12, 2019

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Over 360 anti-imperialist activists
expected in Hong Kong

The 6th International General Assembly of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) is fast approaching and all ILPS member organizations are requested to attend.
Over 360 anti-imperialist activists from the League along with allies, special guests and observers are expected in Hong Kong, June 23-26, 2019.
Along with action-oriented workshops organized by the 18 Commissions of the ILPS, special forums will be held on Socialism, Korea, Palestine, Venezuela, the Philippines and other relevant topics.
This Sixth Assembly comes at a crucial moment in the global anti-imperialist struggle.
Imperialist forces led by the U.S. are on the offensive and environmental destruction, attacks against working people, regional wars and regime change actions are underway. Repression and attacks have been stepped up against human rights defenders, environmental activists, journalists and those struggling for progressive change.
We need to unite our forces to push back against imperialism and organize the counter-offensive. Various struggles are underway globally and it is our duty to bring them together into a powerful progressive anti-imperialist united front.
  • The people of Venezuela are defending their country against a U.S.-led coup attempt;
  • The people of Korea are struggling for peace with justice and the reunification of their divided country;
  • The people of Palestine continue to march for justice and the right to return to their stolen homeland;
  • The people of Kurdistan are defending their hard won gains and demanding the release of political prisoners;
  • The people of the Philippines, India and elsewhere are waging armed struggles for national democracy and socialism against reactionary and neo-fascist regimes propped up by imperialism;
  • Workers in dozens of countries and territories including the U.S.A., South Africa, France, India, Argentina and hundreds of thousands of women in Spain, are striking and marching to demand higher pay, better social services and decent working conditions;
  • Indigenous peoples around the globe are on the front lines opposing environmental destruction and the theft of their land by mining companies and other resource giants.
The world is alight with people seeking an end to exploitation and oppression, and fighting for justice, liberation and socialism.
We have done well building the ILPS since it was founded in 2001. The ILPS has recently expanded its ranks in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and West Asia. Now it is time to build upon this solid base and take our organizing to another level.

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