By Ed Dalton

....Sixty-five-year-old Comrade Ajith has been in prison for four years, based on accusations that he belongs to the illegal and clandestine Communist Party of India (Maoist), which carries out Protracted People’s War against the old decaying reactionary Indian state.
Ajith is well known for his polemic against the politics of the arch-revisionist Revolutionary Communist Party USA titled “Against Avakianism”, as well as his role as a theorist in the Revolutionary International Movement. As a prominent Indian intellectual and revolutionary ideologue, he has worked as an editor on important revolutionary publications such as the People’s March and A World to Win magazine.

During his incarceration at Yerawada Central Jail, Comrade Ajith was denied medical attention and not allowed to see a cardiologist in spite of his known heart condition. This is an example of the reactionary Hindu-fascist run state attempting to genocide political prisoners and especially eliminate anyone they identify as a leader of the undefeatable People’s War.
His fascist capturers deny him medical care, in violation of the Indian constitution, undeterred and in spite of increasing international condemnation.
Ajith, not having been convicted of any crime at all has suffered greatly at the hands of reaction for the past four years. Incendiary extends solidarity to Comrade Ajith, and all who will dare to rise and struggle in his defense. We affirm that making revolution is no crime and add our voice to those demanding his release.