On March 8, 2019, thousands* of women took part in campaigns, demonstrations and events throughout Austria. Especially the recent murders of women have brought the concerns of women against reactionary, patriarchal violence to the forefront. Also the protests against the aggressive government of the capital were reflected in the demonstrations. The Red Women’s Committees, which mobilized a strong contingent of resolutely and militant Red Women and advocated a consistent line in the women’s movement, were particularly prominent in the demonstrations in Linz and Vienna: against patriarchy and capital! With banners, they called on women not to isolate themselves, but to fight back and struggle!he internationalist character of the 8th of March was also carried into the demonstrations by the Red Women. There was not only a solid alliance with migrant women, but also a combative attitude against racism and headscarf ban was expressed in slogans and signs. As a sign of the international struggle against imperialism and capital, the demonstration in Linz also produced a banner in solidarity with the struggling activists in France! The Red Women in Linz, who transformed the March 8 demonstration under their leadership into a powerful action for proletarian feminism, must be highlighted!An activist from the Red Women’s Committee in Vienna reported: „This 8th of March was a great success for the Red Women’s Committees. From different federal states, Red women joined together and carried a clear revolutionary line on the road! We still have a long way to go, but with this March 8th, we have shown that there is a proletarian line in the women’s movement in Austria. We are determined to take firm steps to show that we women are not weak, but a strong force against oppression and exploitation. That’s why we are proletarian feminists* just in Vienna, about 3000 people took part in demonstrations on March 8th
Women, don’t stay isolated, resist and struggle for something to change! 
Organize in the Red Women’s Committees!
Against patriarchy and imperialism!
Long lives proletarian feminism!