Monday, November 28, 2011

Swede - forward the extraordinary week action 14-21 january 2012 support war people india- international commitee

Dear comrades,

Thank you for initiating the international campaign. Its a great initiative that won´t be forgotten. 

Despite this we think we serve the struggle in India better if we dont make it too red. If we try to unite people for their politics of the new democratic revolution, we can serve better and unite more people for the revolution. 

The idea is to unite people for these immediate goals and not for marxism-leninsm-maoism or communism in general. For a maoist party that is working for the revolution in its own country it may be tempting to use the struggle in India mainly for ones own revolution instead of trying to unite people only for the struggle in India. People should be able to take position for the revolution in India, without dealing with the question of the revolution in Europe at the same time. In the end so many more people will be inspired and eventually so many more workers if we don't make the solidarity movement and the campaign in Europe too red. Therefore we suggest that the friends of the Indian revolution in every country should build separate organisations for the solidarity work. In Sweden there are a very inspiring experience from the big and strong solidarity movement for the anti-imperialist struggle in Vietnam that shook the whole country. Comrades in Norway and Sweden built powerful independent solidarity movements for Vietnam 1965-1975. Marxist-leninists were prominent but they understood the importance of not linking the solidarity work to the struggle for socialism at home. Consequently, they were able to cooperate on an equal basis with people of various political or religious orientation. Some Trotskyites and ultra-leftists opposed it and wanted a revolutionary solidarity movement, but they were expelled and that made the movement stronger. At present the forces of the past solidarity movement for Vietnam play an important role in our work. 

We think that a good starting point is to unite people for the politics of the New Democratic Revolution:

"The targets of our revolution are imperialism, the comprador bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism. These three mountains are heavy weight on the back of our people. These three enemies have blocked the political, economic and cultural development of our country and our people." IKP(m). Party programme, p 25.

Clearly, against feudalism means land to the tiller and for the new state, against imperialism means for example, imperialist culture and mainly US influence, against comprador bureaucratic capitalism means for example the big foreign and domestic monopoly capital. We think that this is the questions we mainly should discuss in the propaganda and unite people for.

Also in order to unite more people we think it is suitable to use "the war against the people" (Arundhati Roy style) and not "support the people´s war". For the moment the class struggle in Europe is not so developed and people are not familiar with marxist concepts like people´s war. We want people to read m-l-m writings but to not scare of intellectuals (which likely will be the first ones to join in several countries) its better to use a slogan they can accept for now and then they will accept marxist concepts by reading about the indian comrades fantastic work.

These things are very important questions because it will decide whether we will be successful or not.

Anyhow we are, of course, giving our promise to contribute to the international campaign in Sweden. 

Lal salaam!

Indiensolidaritet - Sweden

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