Monday, November 28, 2011

Manipur Maoist: A call to Occupy Manipur

Manipur Maoist: A call to Occupy Manipur

·          Against the 110 days long ongoing Economic Blocked
·          Against the Supra State Proposal
·          Against the enforce eviction of fisherman

Maoist Communist Party Manipur will be launching 24 hours General strike on midnight of 25th November to midnight of 26th November 2011. The General strike might be extending another 24 hours. This universe will be surprise when it comes to know that 110 days long ongoing Economic blocked has been imposing and the reactionary Government has doing nothing. This universe must imagine how much we the Manipuri people have been suffering in the hands of reactionary Indian colonialism and its domestic social props.  The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has strongly opposed such inhuman kind of crime against humanity. Manipur is such a tiny state having only having 2.5 million in population. It will be very interesting to mention that nearly about 1 million populations out of 2.5 million belongs to Indian population influx from India as a part of Indianize the Manipur to sustain their colonialism.. The Government of India has been in process to make the Manipur into two pieces of state to derail the national liberation movement, which is a very genuine right of the people of Manipur. There is a pseudo socialist arm revisionist group so called National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) led by Ishak and Muiva popularly known as NSCN (IM) based on non of any existing ideology of this universe but subjectivism and backed by the Christian world has been demanding the creation of New state Greater Nagalim or Nagaland for Christ is almost against the principal of Socialist revolution. This is some type of Trotskyst conception-the revolution by step. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism teaches that the revolution must be uninterrupted; the Party leads the democratic revolution that transforms itself in the socialist revolution. The NSCN (IM) policies are submission to the Indian Reactionary Colonialist. So it will be wrong for the oppress people of Naga to hope NSCN (IM) for a better future anymore.  The creation of Greater Nagalim or Supra state is nothing but misguiding the oppress people to provoke communal tension among the brotherhood to derail the revolutionary movement and its unity in Manipur and North east in general. It is the total negation of what is a democratic revolution. We the Maoist Communist Party Manipur has strongly oppose the communal politics.
Police and Loktak Development Authority per- sonnel had burnt down several huts built on the floating biomass of the Loktak Lake. Thousands of peoples have been forcibly evicted. As a part of the Government’s project to sanitize the loktak Lake, a large number of families settled on the floating biomasses were forcibly evicted someday back. Consequently the displaced settlers had been initially taking shelter at a community hall in Ningthoukhong under Bishnupur district from where they were asked to vacate by the police again. The displaced settlers came to Kwakeithel Thounaojam Leikai last evening to air their plight to theGovernment of Manipur but police personnel   forcibly disperse them and the helpless homless people who even do not have money to bear Bus fair walk away on last night. the Government’s policy of evicting the Loktak dwellers has virtually cut-off all sources of livelihood, she said that providing alternative  means of income generation to the displaced families prior to the eviction drive would have been some sort of a reprieve. The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur as a vanguard of Manipur proletariat, it is our prime duty to be with the homeless oppress people of Manipur. Now it’s the time to stand up against such anti people policy to overthrow the reactionary government led by O. Ibobi.
Now we call upon all the peasant, revolutionary youths and students, revolutionary workers and women to be united and Occupy Manipur. It is the time to unite against the reactionary government and kick them out from Manipur. This is right to rebel against anti people policy.

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(Comrade Nonglen Meitei)
Secretary Publicity and Propaganda
Maoist Communist Party, Manipur

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