Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nepal - it' is time to rebel in-out the PCNU m against Prachanda -Battarai government and leadership - from PCm Italy

PCm Italy call to maoist left in the party to mobilize youth and masses against reationary agreement Prachanda-Battarai with reationary parties. It is time that proletarians and nepal people have a new party and a new leadership for save legacy of war people and rebuilt the movement and force for new democracy revolution in march against socialism and comunism.
PCm Italy with maoists forces in the RIM and out the  RIM give maximum internationalist support for the avancement of this processus.
Nepal revolution is part of new wave of world revolution, and maoist nepalese are part of international communist movement.
This is the only mlm and internationalist political line in this situation, internet-cafè of liquidationist pseudomlm attacks this political line, they are leftist in the words, opportunist in the praxis.
A new international organisation of mlm parties and organisations needs to build on a correct line in the fire of class struggle and in strong relation with masses.

PCm Italy
november 2011

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