Monday, November 14, 2011

Nepal - No Return of Land : Burn the '7-pt deal'

 International support revolution in nepal against battarai governement and revisionist leadership of PCUn maoist !
  long live proletarian internationalism !

from Rishi Raj Baral
No Return of Land : Burn the '7-pt deal'

It is just a Symbolic Demonstration. We have to do more activities against the reactionary Government led by Indian puppet Baburam Bhattarai. And we have to do a lot of demonstrations against Prachand and Baburam Bhattarai -renegedes of 21st century. These thugs have come out in their real colour. They are against the oppressed people and the national sovereignty of Nepal. They are against the achievements achieved during the 10 years People's War. In fact, now they are working as the leading figures of reactionary camp.
But we have another side. No Return of Land , No Return of Seized Property but Continuation of Revolution
The oppressed people of Nepal particularly Sankhuwasabha a district of far eastern region, known as a revolutionary base area of eastern Nepal and the people of Dang a district of Rapti Zone, known as Main Base area Zone, during the 10 years People's War, now have come out in the street raising the red flags. They have come out in the front side of Revolution. They have scrapped the 7-pt agreement, they have burnt the treacherous agreement.
The reactionary government led by Baburam Bhattarai has decleared the war against the landless people of Nepal-oppressed people of Nepal. But we will resist every effort that is made to take away the land from the poor farmers and the landless. We reject the 7-pt agreement . We will strike back if anyone tries to take over the land from the farmers. Now the time has come to come out with Pen and Sword.



Attachment(s) from Rishi Raj Baral

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