Monday, November 14, 2011

PBSP MUG 2nd Letter to Maoist Road Magazine

PBSP MUG 2nd Letter to
Maoist Road
Again we are raising the same points that we made in our first letter. In reply, you continued your followed centrism and opportunism. This is the same role that Avakian-led RCP USA and CoRIM had taken in excuse of so called peace line in Peru. And everybody knows that they were the one who, by keeping close relation with right opportunists of CPN (Maoist), contributed in emergence of Prachanda revisionism. Still Kiran-Gaurav-Basanta are admirer of them!
The devastating right opportunist line that emerged in early 90s in PBSP in our country led by Anwar Kabir was enough to destroy party and revolution. CoRIM continued to have close relation with the right opportunist PBSP (CC group) [this group was named CC group by CoRIM] and also with the BSD [ML] which left armed struggle long before. Interestingly, the special meeting of RIM called by you actually is a joint initiative of yours, Naxalbari group of India, Kiran-Gaurav-Basanta group of Nepal and AK led PBSP CC group. All these groups previously upheld the surrenderism of revisionists of Nepal led by Prachanda, and at last advocated a “secret two lines struggle”. AK CC group made the logic that if Mao had joined the coalition government with Chian-Kai-Shek, what would happen?
What a capitulationist logic!
PBSP CC group in their last document, what they call new theses, struggled against whatever positive aspect in history by taking the side of whatever negative aspect in history. Domestically they centered their struggle against Siraj Sikder Thought and internationally against Communist party of Peru and Gonzallo Thought, while they embraced Avakian’s new synthesis by taking that in their consideration. Now like you, they are also saying that revolution is being carried in Nepal by Kiran-Basanta-Gaurav!
What is remaining of revolution in Nepal?
Kiran-Gaurav-Basnta was follwer of Prachanda-Baburam in the past. Several years before, by the order of Prachanda, Basanta came to Bangladesh to attend a conference of ultra revisionist Socialist Party of Bangladesh [Basad]. There he branded Bangladesh Maoists as dogmatist. Still they are in the same party of Prachanda-Baburam and still they are united with them. Actually there is no two line among them. They are not against the surrenderist line of Nepal that is continuing since 2006. Rather, what they want is “dignified surrender”. And that is the thing you want to glorify! Don’t you?
So, what is the line you are following? Isn’t that the revisionist path of Two Combines into One?
Is there anything more opportunist than that?
Unfortunately the same thing happened in case of CCOMPOSA. We know that Communist party of India (Maoist) is against revisionism of Nepal. But when they sign in CCOMPOSA and eight party May Day Statement, that made enough confusion.
So, will RIM and CCOMPOSA be rebuilt on the basis of centrism and opportunism, as it had been the case of RIM since 90s?
We believe in international unity and organization of communists. But that should have to be based on MLM, not centrism and opportunism.
Crush Centrism! Crush opportunism!
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Shovon Rahman
Proletarian Party of East Bengal (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh
November 15, 2011

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